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overcome anger wisely

A woman is very fond of orchids in stars.
He instructed the gardener to take care of all the plants, especially orchids beloved as he went out of town. The gardener was caring for the flowers belong to the woman and gave special attention to the orchids are displayed gracefully on a shelf.

On the day when she returned from a business trip, the gardener was tidying and watering all the plants.
He wanted to make sure employers find beautiful landscaped gardens.
However, he accidentally knocked over a rack where the orchids were so pots of existing fall and break.

Unexpectedly her home earlier than expected, he arrived home before the gardener finished tidying these orchids.
Gardener fearful dare not lift her face when she walked towards it.
Having seen it all, the woman into his house and not long after he called a gardener who had worked 7 years for him.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry because it was sloppy and destroy the orchids beloved mother. I will replace it, please mom cut my salary next month.
Please forgive me yes ma’am, “he said view of a sad face.
“Sir Diman, my goal to plant flowers, including orchids moon star is to be enjoyed, like to make people happy while enjoying the elegance.
Not to make people scared as you are feeling right now.
Orchids were also planted to make me grumpy when he destroyed.
I was very fond of orchids, but my heart is not bound to them.
Orchids that can not steal my joy and gladness pack Diman.
So you do not have to like it, I know people who work with you wholeheartedly. I do not want to hurt you, because orchids can be addressed, “she said wisely.

Outburst should not hurt the people we love, because;
—> We do not marry our spouses to vent anger when he makes a mistake or omission. We got married so that our lives happier.

—> We do not have a son / daughter to vent our emotions when we have problems at work or with business associates.
But the kids a place to pour our love and children are the objects of love for good parents.

—> We do not build friendships to vent his anger to our good friend when they do things we do not like.

Dispose of anger from our lives, because it led to pain and tenderness alone. Remember!
“Explosive anger which always begins with folly and ends with regret”.


Sacred Heart

People who can maintain the sanctity of her is the person who has a sincere and pure.
Capacity he had the wisdom of God.
So that every word that comes out of his mouth has a divine power, which can make people motivated to live right before God.
And that can make people eager to live.
And be able to make other people be honest and responsible in running the business, occupation, business, study, and in any field.
The right heart attitude, produces the correct words, led to the correct character, and bear behavior and the right thing anyway.
All that really comes  only from God.

Regarding my writing?

Thanks for all the comments my friends in my blog. I really appreciate it. I am happy to share stories with friends all.
I hope what I wrote did not saturate to read.
I’m not a real writer, if there is an error writing or plot similarities, I apologize.
I just wrote based on the wisdom that God has placed in my brain, and the little experience that I have ever experienced in my life. Most of my writing is a little quote from the sermons of the pastor at the church where I grew up.
Do not mean to copy or imitate, but just wanted everyone to know about the truth of the Word of God, so that everyone can experience God’s love.
I hope for my friends readers, not saturated for reading my blog.
I believe God’s blessings continue to flow to all who desire to share God’s Word and His love.