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Revenge is like a poison that is destructive and deadly
Revenge it upsets the balance of the mind, thus triggering the brain always tend to think negative.
Revenge which so long kept, rooted bitterness.
When it is rooted, will happen slump on health so it will cause a lot of pain disease in the body that over time can lead to death.
Revenge is very detrimental to themselves and harm others

What is the solution?
– Do not keep grudges
-Quickly forgive
God bless 🙂


Stop sexual perversion!

I was very concerned at all with the number of people who do sexsual deviation.
Like homosex, lesbian and so on.

(Leviticus 18:22) Thou shalt not lie with a male as one lies with women, because it is an abomination.
This verse became the basis for the ban on men to have same-sex sex,

the ban also for women who have sex with men.

It is sad even nastier!
Of more concern, very much even further increased in young children now who do this.
In fact, they deliberately and proudly displaying obscenity and obscene photograph-photograph them in cyberspace.
As if there is no longer the slightest shame.
Even more terrifying is no country that already allow same-sex marriage.
Why it is increasingly favored by many people? even more and more and more followers today?

1) The lack of knowledge of the Lord
2) Not knowing Jesus Christ personally
3) Reject the knowledge of God

Did you know that evil spirits are mastered you are doing so, would not you releasing hereditary, if you do not repent!
I believe you certainly would not want your offspring even if no immediate family who became casualties of the devil because you act now.
Since every do evil demon would definitely ask the victim!
Therefore repent of sexual deviations that you do now.

—> Jesus came to this world to teach the commandments and regulations of God the Father, which is intended to man so that man does not sin.
—> Jesus died on the cross to free us from the shackles that bind us to the sin
—> Jesus also atone for our sins and endure all our weaknesses.
—> As Jesus died on the Cross, He would not say “It’s over?”


The root of bitterness is toxic waste!

Love Canal was a canal adjacent to the Niagara Falls.
This place became the world’s attention when it was discovered 21,000 tons of toxic waste.
It turned out to know that before some American companies that have been authorized by the U.S. government tried to bury toxic waste products underground.
They fill a large metal containers with chemical waste and other products that endanger lives.
Then the drums tightly closed and buried deep below the ground surface.
They thought that it would end there.

But over time, many of the container started to leak, and toxic waste began to seep to the surface, and cause all sorts of problems.
The problem was initially detected after the birth of the children in this area along with the disabilities, and many people began to die of cancer.
In addition, pets are also losing their feathers.
Finally the investigation after the matter Niagara Falls Gazette publish in 1976.
At long last, the blocks are overgrown by grass and is remembered as the worst environmental tragedy in the history of America.

As sewage plant after polluting the lives of those who exist Love Canal area, although it has been trying to hide.
So also if we keep the roots of bitterness, a time will inevitably lead to detrimental effects, both for himself and for many people.
The effects of the bitter root can leak out through anger, depression, feelings of worthlessness and other negative attitudes, which ultimately did not become a blessing to others.
And create ugly and polluted our lives as believers.

So, if we have a root of bitterness, then it would tarnish everything that came out of an attitude in us.
So it will damage relations with others, because we can not adjust to other people.
and other people did not like us.
David, in conjunction with Saul, do not try to keep the roots of bitterness, but his experience with Saul was very unpleasant.
The Bible records that he made no mistake, Saul always trying to kill him.
David had to live on the run, but he still did not keep the roots of bitterness, so that he could forgive Saul.

It is good if we pay attention to God’s Word;
“Take care that no one has distanced himself from the Grace of God, so that the roots do not grow bitter that led to riots and the defile many.” (Hebrews 12:15)
Overcome with no bitter root away from God’s Grace,
Always to maintain a relationship with God, and know him more deeply through His Word.

Jesus died for us

Jesus chose to remain hanging on the Cross because:
1) He loves us unconditionally
2) He wants to free us from the bondage of sin
3) He wants to raise our weakness and sickness
4) He wants to free us from the curse of poverty and destruction
5) He wants to reconcile our view of God the Father and gives us a place to stay in heaven
When we meditate on the Word of God today, direct our eyes to the “Jesus” who led us in the faith, and that faith was brought to perfection, regardless of who carried the cross dressing humiliation joy diligently provided for him, who now sits on the right Throne God (Hebrews 12:2)

the impact of sex before marriage

The story of a woman or a girl who is having sex with her ​​boyfriend that she was pregnant before marriage. may have been very much sounds our ears, and it’s probably no surprise to most people. because the perpetrators may people away from us and maybe the people around our neighborhood or even our own possible culprit. and great actors sex before marriage is made ​​from a variety of backgrounds and ages. and ironically it is for most people is not something to be ashamed of or to hide. in fact there are many people who openly proclaim themselves to everyone for what they’ve done. This is very alarming! so many people who can not control his passion when he underwent a relationship, and allow themselves to fall into the trap the devil on this one. why all this happens in almost every multiple partners?

it caused:
Lack of knowledge of the truth of the word of God and rejected Jesus as the way the truth and the life. so that the non-interference of God in living a relationship. and since most people prefer or used to live in freedom without rules. reluctant to accept the truth of God as the Word of God may begin to feel the movement and restricting all human behavior. The Word of God is intended to regulate human behavior. so that people do not easily fall into the devil trick that resulted in guilty before God. because humans are creatures of God’s creation belongs to God and does not belong to the devil.

Look around us there are so many children who are involved in crime. due untruth lives, they become heir sins we have done. even a chain of sin that exceed their parents’ sin that made them so bound. they involved free sex, promiscuity, juvenile delinquency, smokers, drug users, clubbing, drunk, life without rules, they even become rebellious generation of the various rules, even it is not uncommon among them could be the killer neighbor. the devil will not stop destroying our families until we die, so we also become like the inhabitants of hell. four generations below us will experience a chain of sin that we inherited. Satan mislead as much as possible so that we do not repent of our sins. devil may overwhelm us, but you know the devil can not control our desires. only if we surrender our will to the devil, so we are the ones who opened the gap so that the devil can overwhelm us. beginning of desire, we can determine the decisions and commit how we live our lives today so that our next generation be the generation of the blessed God.may have many of each pair that is often heard and read stories such as this, but still have sex before marriage. it is because there is the strong desire of your heart to come out of sin, meaning you do not dare commit to stop committing it. because you still love to give and still asleep so keep enjoying life in sin. maybe you still reject the presence of the Holy Spirit in your heart that you just wish your heart was based only. can not exit through the exact words and attitudes are strong and decisive action. or maybe you think having sex before marriage is not a fault or a sin, and it is common and usually carried each couple. when you think like that, pay attention to your lineage, the people above you, how their life before you? and compare it with the life you are living now, only you yourself know how life you inherited from the people above you. or if you already have children, pay attention to how your descendants living their lives? What kind of life that you pass on to your offspring? of course you can see from the attitude and actions. That’s the answer! Life is a choice! if our hearts are filled with the Holy Spirit, we certainly possess a strong desire to live righteous and holy lives before God the owner.



be aware!

I am very concerned at all with a lot of people who like the same kind. I understand there are many reasons that people can do that. but why should I do? not God created humans in pairs? meaning opposite sex to support each other in a relationship. there was a strong party was the underdog. in order to complement each other? be aware! and fear God who can kill not only the body but also the soul. remember! that destroyed Sodom and gamora in God because the entire population of the city was already doing same-sex relationships, and it is made ​​of God’s wrath, so that the Lord rained brimstone fire from heaven to destroy the town and all its inhabitants. remember, that life is temporary. do not let our bodies in controlled by lust because that’s all the devil’s work. know the devil is not going to stop dragging us before we die to be the inhabitants of hell like him. that’s why as much as possible the devil is always trying to make us not be deceived in order to hear the truth of God’s word even refused. pray and open your heart to the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to help you be released from attachment. God is always waiting for you with open arms, of any kind and cruel as red as any sin we have done if we sincerely beg for forgiveness, the compassion HE surely forgive us. Jesus took all our sins and weaknesses and our sickness on the cross, all of them already paid off and it was finished. therefore do not be afraid, and keep the heart that are not easily deceived by the devil, God be with us all.

Why have emotions?

Highlighting the chaos in the world, caused rejection of human source of peace. people tend to choose the negative character in comparison positive character. most of the problems arise from ourselves, due to the attitude of a hard heart. men tend to be more like controlled by emotion rather than cope with emotions. so always quarrel and hostility even wars sparked by anger and bitterness and even hatred that can not be controlled. consequently spawned a variety of sins. root of the sins a man commits are emotions that can not be controlled by any person, resulting in resentment and bitterness in the hearts of each person. learn to control your emotions. because the impact is not only to world peace, but more to myself so as not to always make mistakes that lead to sinful self.