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A boy born in a very poor family to eat the pulp of wheat for breakfast everyday. When the day was late morning, and he had to eat, he just jammed his stomach by drinking as much water as to be satisfied because he had no money. At night, he had to re-take of wheat residue. And to the dregs that even he did not buy it, the child’s family is getting these dregs of the free liquor distillery.

Teenagers, young people selling food and ice cream to help his family. Although very poor, this kid has the determination to go to college. Since then, he worked hard to earn a scholarship in order to continue the high school. Both parents of young people went to the city to look for a better hope. But fate says otherwise, the child’s parent is a vegetable vendor on the roadside.

And for good performance, this young man received at the famous college. To pay for college, this young man is not ashamed to work as a street sweeper. When the college is at the turning point of his life. This young man was elected to the student council and he was involved in anti-government demonstrations which resulted in her getting probation from the government.

This sentence makes it almost failed to get into one of the famous companies in the world, Hyundai Group. The company was afraid the government would be angry if young people received in their company. But because such a strong determination of the child, he sent a letter to the presidential staff. With a letter pleading tone, the presidential staff were touched and sent Hyundai Group companies accept it as their employees.

And this is where this young man shows the quality that makes the company founders in awe. He earned the nickname “bulldozer” for being able to complete any difficult task. And one of his phenomenal is when he unload a bulldozer to study the workings of the machine. At a later date Hyundai has succeeded in producing a bulldozer.

This young man was appointed and held the highest position in the construction division. During this construction division into a money machine for Hyundai, as South Korea is undergoing rapid development and physical development are very rampant.

After years of work, the young people began to enter the political arena by becoming a member of the board in 1992. Then in 2002 he was elected mayor of Seoul. And in 2007, young childhood was very poor, did not have a pleasant childhood experiences, life painstakingly has become the number one in South Korea.

Who is he? He is Lee Myung Bak, the 10th president of South Korea. Someone who has proven that every person has the right to be successful. The state is not entitled to make a person excel, not a good situation even supposed to be a stepping stone for a person to prove himself worthy to succeed.

Beloved, the story above is an example that there are no circumstances that can hinder a person to succeed.

Always seek the tireless and always not forget to pray to God.

Proverbs 6: 6-8

“(6) Hey slacker, go to the ant, consider ways and be wise: (7) having no chief, officer or ruler, (8) it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.”

Success is not measured by how much of our wealth, how high our position in the office or how much we are known by others. Success itself is a gift of God’s promises and fulfilled in our lives to glorify the name of God. Since mankind was created in the world is that every human being to glorify God.

Colossians 1: 16

“For by him were all things created, that are in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones, or kingdom, either government or authorities; all things were created by Him and for Him.”

Let the day we understand that God always provide the best design in life. Our job is only to try and stick to his promise extraordinary.

Quote Healing:
“For who is God besides the LORD, and who is the rock except our God? God, he who binds my waist by might mean making my way; makes my feet like the feet of a deer and set me up on the hill. ”

Psalm 18: 32-34

Worry will not bring us in and enjoy God’s incredible promise, trust Him because He always gives strength and hope. Jesus Blesses

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Sari 2

When her employer’s house Sari learned a lot of new things that make it better in many ways. the state of the body is still weak and sick Sari kept thinking hard. although in his heart full of regret, and anger and hatred. even more so because of her virginity was taken away by a man she did not love. Sari is very confused, because in his flight he did not have any money or a phone that can he used to help him. During their stay in the country, Sari has not had a friend who could be contacted. because while in her employer’s house Sari never allowed to leave the house alone. but eventually Sari remember teacher who taught at home employer. Sari wanted to contact the teacher, but unfortunately Sari did not know the address and did not have his teacher’s phone number. because it can no longer think straight, Sari finally decided to come back home man. and determined no matter what happens he will be facing. Sari also reminded of what has become a commitment of time that “his life had changed” despite any difficult. but in his heart he has to say this time could be a dodgy too smart not to be fooled again. and it turns out when Sari returned, he saw his master had parked the car in front of him.Sari had hesitated whether he should return or not! but because he is no longer a place to take refuge finally tekatnya round, he had to come back into the house. when Sari arrived home, the man and his employer was surprised. and asked where are you? with fear Sari answer only out for a while. without asking again after that employer asking permission to bring him home Sari briefly and promised to bring him back again Sari. and the man was allowed, on the way home, Sari employer asked him what happened? why did you leave him? Sari said, “because he was in the shower so I went out briefly for a walk” in the heart Sari employer may pretend not to know what happened to him. Sari because it did not say anything to her employer’s. Sari and act as if nothing happen to him. Sari said to myself by taking him back to his master’s house is his chance to take the passport and visa and other paperwork that might someday be used to help him.Arriving at the house of her employer, Sari immediately beaten and scolded by his master-out and in a highly emotional state the employer was in itself says the same thing in Sari. that Sari was taken and trained and taught manners in order to be a top class woman just for him. because Sari been paid or have been purchased expensive by him. Sari truly heartbroken to hear these things. Does he have thought if she had considered him like a mother bear had been sold to the old man’s johns. Sari was silent to hear it all, without saying anything. employer also asked Sari “when you get out earlier if you talk to others about what happened to you? Sari just said no! employer ask again, if you can take responsibility for what you say that? Sari said yes. past employer promises not to tell Sari do the same again. because if Sari doing the same thing, he has to pay a huge indemnity amount. after all that her employer told Sari shower and get ready to go back to his house., and that’s an opportunity to bring all Sari important papers. Sari also ask your phone number on the master language teacher by pretending to want to learn even more if she stayed with him and to be better characterized. unsuspecting notify the employer of any Sari.     (Story continued)


A very poor girl went looking for a job as a maid in a big city, named Sari. Sari sweet girl who was friendly but a little subdued. in her Sari just say my life has to change! Arriving in the city of Sari started down the city by foot. and asked kesetiap where there may be a need energy to helping the housework. Sari can only read and write. the lives of very poor parents who can not send him to school higher. ability can only do housework. until one day, Sari found a house that was looking for a housekeeper. He tried to ask, and people took it home. a few days at home that Sari was confused, because not a lot of homework he did. One day Sari introduced to someone from abroad by the homeowner. straight man wants Sari. Sari time do not quite understand, she just thought maybe people need him to be a servant in his house. homeowners say follow him because from now on you will be working on him. Sari then said to myself maybe this is the beginning of change in her life. Later that day the man brought with him to go abroad Sari. apparently all passport and visa Sari been prepared by the homeowner, and Sari just stay left alone.Sari is very happy to go out of the country, especially at no cost whatsoever. Sari was confused but also why he can so easily accept invitations to that person. but because they do not have parents and do not have a close relative Sari finally decided to go away with it without a second thought anymore. Sari but do not understand at all international languages ​​especially the language of the country of destination. But in the Sari has committed “My life had changed!” Arriving at the destination, Sari placed a rather luxurious home, and a few days at home, the Sari is not told to do anything, just told to dress up and wear nice clothes it was prepared at home. Sari and men just communicate-run movement for genuine movement of the body, because Sari did not understand the language of the person. Sari in the house were alone with that person. But in the Sari determined to learn as much as possible will even learn the language of the international language. person carrying Sari middle-aged woman, she seems a nice person. he wanted to stay with her Sari. and it seems like she is rich enough, but no husband and no children. Sari did not know exactly what her job, when she introduced it to say he’s a businessman. Sari did not really care what his master work, the Sari thought he had a job that could support life so that life changed.

The house had several assistants who do their homework, but all the maid did not live in that house, they only come if there is to be done. that makes a bit odd Sari, Sari was not told to do any work in the house besides dress themselves as beautiful as possible. beauty and all amenities are on offer including all the needs of women. Sari also given a language teacher who once taught etiquette and behave a classy woman in the country. and teachers that came every day to teach Sari. Sari gladly continue to study and learn, in short time, Sari was turned into a very beautiful woman, elegant and classy. After all, one day she was asked Sari fancy eating in restaurants. and it turns out she’s also make an appointment with a man her own age. her middle-aged man was introduced to Sari. A short time since then he often came home to see Sari and take her out and shopping, this guy looks like a rich man. being sent out by the employer, Sari was always following him. one day he asked Sari come to his house for a while. and it seems like he is very rich. his is very luxurious. but it seems no one at that time, in addition to the man’s house and Sari. the man said he lived alone in that house. and all of his family living abroad.After a while in the house, he gave a drink. and Sari were drinking. then he took Sari watching a movie that he said was very exciting. Sari think, after the last few moments of the movie apparently is a requirement romantic movie with scenes kiss to intercourse. Sari bit uncomfortable watching the film. and Sari tried to walk away from the room and said he wanted to go home. but he did stop and did not expect him to tell him that Sari has been purchased and the price is very expensive. He also said he was entitled to treat arbitrarily Sari as he wanted. Sari was shocked and did not believe. and strangely after drinking it he gives Sari feel somewhat dizzy head, and his body was growing weaker. Sari still conscious, he looked like he started to be triggered by a movie he watched. he started touching Sari, hugging, kissing and groping her entire body. Sari trying to fight and scream and try to escape from the man itu.namun no one came to help him. in an increasingly frail body Sari trying hard to break away from him. but unfortunately not comparable with the energy energy guy. compounded by the drink has been drunk by Sari who may have been given drugs that Sari was unconscious. finally Sari was wounded weak, but still a little conscious.

And it came to things that are not desired by every woman, especially Sari is women who have never been touched by man at all. Once everything was just crying his heart Sari hated him. mixed feelings, she is also very shy at the same time very angry. He also recalled the employer, and very curious to know the truth. what exactly has been done to her employer. the state of the body is still weak and there is no strength to stand, Sari tried to crawl out of the house, when the man was in the bathroom. and finally he found a way to escape with a dive through the window of the second floor of the house. although there are slight physical injuries when falls from second-story window Sari house was still trying to save themselves. by Sari limped away from the house trying as much as possible. thinking Sari decided not to return home once their employers for fear. and Sari also decided to silence it, because a lot of consideration. because Sari remember how she got in the country without spending any money. passports and visas were still at home employer. (Story continued)