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overcome anger wisely

A woman is very fond of orchids in stars.
He instructed the gardener to take care of all the plants, especially orchids beloved as he went out of town. The gardener was caring for the flowers belong to the woman and gave special attention to the orchids are displayed gracefully on a shelf.

On the day when she returned from a business trip, the gardener was tidying and watering all the plants.
He wanted to make sure employers find beautiful landscaped gardens.
However, he accidentally knocked over a rack where the orchids were so pots of existing fall and break.

Unexpectedly her home earlier than expected, he arrived home before the gardener finished tidying these orchids.
Gardener fearful dare not lift her face when she walked towards it.
Having seen it all, the woman into his house and not long after he called a gardener who had worked 7 years for him.

“Ma’am, I’m sorry because it was sloppy and destroy the orchids beloved mother. I will replace it, please mom cut my salary next month.
Please forgive me yes ma’am, “he said view of a sad face.
“Sir Diman, my goal to plant flowers, including orchids moon star is to be enjoyed, like to make people happy while enjoying the elegance.
Not to make people scared as you are feeling right now.
Orchids were also planted to make me grumpy when he destroyed.
I was very fond of orchids, but my heart is not bound to them.
Orchids that can not steal my joy and gladness pack Diman.
So you do not have to like it, I know people who work with you wholeheartedly. I do not want to hurt you, because orchids can be addressed, “she said wisely.

Outburst should not hurt the people we love, because;
—> We do not marry our spouses to vent anger when he makes a mistake or omission. We got married so that our lives happier.

—> We do not have a son / daughter to vent our emotions when we have problems at work or with business associates.
But the kids a place to pour our love and children are the objects of love for good parents.

—> We do not build friendships to vent his anger to our good friend when they do things we do not like.

Dispose of anger from our lives, because it led to pain and tenderness alone. Remember!
“Explosive anger which always begins with folly and ends with regret”.


Regarding my writing?

Thanks for all the comments my friends in my blog. I really appreciate it. I am happy to share stories with friends all.
I hope what I wrote did not saturate to read.
I’m not a real writer, if there is an error writing or plot similarities, I apologize.
I just wrote based on the wisdom that God has placed in my brain, and the little experience that I have ever experienced in my life. Most of my writing is a little quote from the sermons of the pastor at the church where I grew up.
Do not mean to copy or imitate, but just wanted everyone to know about the truth of the Word of God, so that everyone can experience God’s love.
I hope for my friends readers, not saturated for reading my blog.
I believe God’s blessings continue to flow to all who desire to share God’s Word and His love.

Watch our family!

Very alarming, another shooting of school children in the United States.
What is happening in America? so that cases like this are often repeated and repeated again?
They say the gunman had opened fire first father to death, then just go to the school where his biological mother taught school and also fired on and killed. and even worse 20 children and 7 adults also become victims who died in the shooting. after all it was the gunman also fired himself to death.
What’s wrong with America’s children?
Why do you vent anger by having
make someone else suffer the consequences?

In my opinion, this should be of particular concern for the elderly in America.
To be even more attention to their children.
Give love and attention more.
It is important that children are given instruction about the truth of the Word of God from an early age. so that they know Jesus Christ and accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior for them.
Because only Jesus is the way the truth and the life.
I truly believe when parents in America and even in other countries too, if your child has been given spiritual food, in the name of Jesus Christ! definitely saved and always in God’s protection.
Because only Jesus is the answer to any problem any hassle.
Lack of attention and affection from their parents one of the main triggers the brutality of children.
devil was was keen to launch their attacks against each household-household.

Because the devil really know, major household is the most important point to be destroyed.
If households were destroyed, then it is easy for the devil to destroy all the other aspects of our lives.
Beginning with the family, then things could be:
Successful or otherwise fail and crumble.
All depends on our choices.
If we love our family means we love and appreciate
God gave us a family.
But before that we have to respect ourselves first, so we can appreciate and love our families, in fact we will also be able to appreciate and love others.
“Make our family united in God’s love”

Gospel in department Store

A beggar woman dubbed the “Bag Lady” into a luxury department store in the United States.
The day before Christmas, the store is decorated with beautiful and newly carpeted so the store looks very luxurious.
A beggar is usually identical with ragged clothes, dirty and smelly body.
But this beggar ignore the situation, he continued to enter the shop without hesitation.
Without him knowing he was being followed and observed by a female minister in tow who was coincidentally also was in the store.
This minister because he thought might follow this beggar will be expelled out by officers because they do not want to store them entered beggars were dirty and smelly.
So he can defend and help the beggar.

But the beggar turns freely entered the store without any officials let alone prevent him off.
whereas other customers passing by there in a suit and fancy dresses and expensive.
Amid dept.store there was a grand piano being played by a pianist suits.
that accompanies the singers sing Christmas songs with a beautiful dress.
The atmosphere in dept.store it certainly does not seem very compatible with the beggar, he looks like a strange creature at the center of the store glitter.

Servant of God this woman continues to follow the beggar.
and beggars that go into the women’s dresses.
and he went to the most exclusive cuonter displaying expensive dresses branded with prices above $ 2500.
Meanwhile, the Servant of God was watching over.
pegemis further what is it?
the waiter asked:
“What can I do for you?”
beggar said:
“I want to try the pink dress”
If we are in the position of waiter how we respond?
perhaps we thought, if dresses were tried by the beggar, maybe after that the dresses will be dirty and smelly.
and perhaps also other customers who see it will feel disgusted and reluctant to buy the dresses will be.
But what is the answer of the servant;

“What size do you need?”
Replied the beggar;
“Do not know!”
The servant said;
“Well, let me first measure”
the waiter was taking tape measure, and measure the beggar approached.
although the odor was overpowering beggar maid’s nose, but he ignored it and kept on with his job.
The waiter was treated like a beggar’s only one honorable customers who visit the counter.
The waiter was invited beggars try the dresses. freely and without hesitation.
without realizing it had been two hours beggar maid that serves only to try the dresses.
Furthermore, if the beggar finally bought the dresses?

Apparently not! Why?
Because it is the beggar had no money to buy such expensive dresses.
Before the beggar go away, do not forget he uttered;
“Thanks to the clerk, because they serve”
Then the beggar was walking out of there with my head
upright because he felt it was treated like a human being.
After the waitress finished serving guests “special” her,
women ministers who saw the incident from the time the beggar into the store, approached the waiter and asked him;
“Why did you let the beggar beautiful dresses to try this?”
Replied the servant;
“Oh, it’s my job is to serve and do good to who I am.
Servant of God said again; ”
“But you do know that the beggar was not possible afford to buy these expensive dresses?”

The waiter replied that the Servant of God;
“Sorry, about that not my business!
“And I am not in a position to assess or judge my customers”
“My job is to serve and do good”
Startled man of God, he was deeply moved, it was not alleged in the days filled with mundane turns out the waitress had a loving heart and responsible with his work and remains on its commitment.
Probably there are many more we hear stories of people who like it, but not at the expo to the public so that many of us do not know.

Finally the servant of the Lord decided to bring the sermon on the Sunday following the theme;
“The Gospel according to department store”
This sermon touched many people, and then reported in the pages of the newspaper in that city.
This news inspires a lot of people, so that they also want to be served at this exclusive store.
Beggar woman did not buy anything, do not provide any benefits, perhaps even harmful, because the store may have to send the dresses to loundry expensive, because it was dirty and smelly after a try by beggars earlier.

But due to the treatment of “special” shop steward to beggars was, ultimately store sales increased dramatically, so in that profit rose 48%!
Read; (Hebrews 13:1-2)
But are there any treatment like this happened in the church? I hope, maybe we all hope, each of us can increase our love for our neighbors more. lack any form of each of us, no longer able to prevent us to serve and do good to our neighbor.
Moreover, in the church of God.
So that no souls are lost again just because a trivial problem, because;
“There is not even recognized appreciated, in the ‘home’ of his own ‘
Hopefully this can be useful and open hearts.
God bless us all.

whether it’s Christmas?

How do we celebrate Christmas each year?
1) is merely went along with it?
2) whether the mere living tradition alone?
3) does it just want to make whoopee?
Among the three questions above, we include the class of people who do?
Only we ourselves can answer.
But the truth;
Jesus longs for us to celebrate His birth with a sincere heart with HIS.
Jesus longs for us to really intimate union with HIM
Not one to rejoice in celebrating Christmas, it is part of our pleasure in welcoming the birth of the Savior.
But did you know that Christmas celebrations often we do every year, instead of pleasing God, instead often make Jesus sad and disappointed?
Caused us just busy with all sorts of activities we are preparing a variety of knick knacks Christmas for pleasure ourselves, so Jesus is often part of the retarded even forgotten.
Jesus wants us to do love, and sharing to our neighbor.
Wherever we are or how we celebrate at Christmas, it is not an obstacle for us to do the love and share our blessings with others, especially our brothers and sisters who are in dire need.
Have we understand this?
Renew our hearts, so that we understand the true meaning of Christmas, “Merry Christmas” and God bless us all.

be aware!

I am very concerned at all with a lot of people who like the same kind. I understand there are many reasons that people can do that. but why should I do? not God created humans in pairs? meaning opposite sex to support each other in a relationship. there was a strong party was the underdog. in order to complement each other? be aware! and fear God who can kill not only the body but also the soul. remember! that destroyed Sodom and gamora in God because the entire population of the city was already doing same-sex relationships, and it is made ​​of God’s wrath, so that the Lord rained brimstone fire from heaven to destroy the town and all its inhabitants. remember, that life is temporary. do not let our bodies in controlled by lust because that’s all the devil’s work. know the devil is not going to stop dragging us before we die to be the inhabitants of hell like him. that’s why as much as possible the devil is always trying to make us not be deceived in order to hear the truth of God’s word even refused. pray and open your heart to the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to help you be released from attachment. God is always waiting for you with open arms, of any kind and cruel as red as any sin we have done if we sincerely beg for forgiveness, the compassion HE surely forgive us. Jesus took all our sins and weaknesses and our sickness on the cross, all of them already paid off and it was finished. therefore do not be afraid, and keep the heart that are not easily deceived by the devil, God be with us all.

Love is a gift

Twelve human expression when you’re in love:
1) sometimes happy
2) sometimes sad
3) sometimes excited
4) sometimes angry
5) sometimes moody
6) sometimes jealous
7) sometimes confused
8) sometimes talk to himself
9) sometimes laugh to myself
10) sometimes so cool
12) sometimes rebelled
is there anyone who did not have an expression like the above when you’re in love? may also exist, maybe not. dependent
how to respond to his love hearts. a definite feeling to fall in love is a gift of God that He has given to man. therefore appreciate your love!