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Leadership of a woman of God


In the year 2013, we are entering a period of spiritual warfare, in which each of us must wear complete armor of God and always on guard so that the devil could not find a chance to beat us. This applies to everyone, not to mention women. For women, do not underestimate yourself. God also wants to use the women to be a tool for God’s glory.

In the book of Judges, we can see how the state of Israel after Joshua died. Judges is an important book because it gives an idea of ​​the relationship between Joshua, who led the Israelites entered Canaan, with Saul, David, and other kings of Israel. During the period of the judges, Israel step by step learn to become a nation and no longer as the twelve tribes which stand on their own. God appoints the judges are not merely dealing with legal issues, they are the spiritual leaders who were inspired by the Holy Spirit to give you a sort of charismatic leadership in times of need. Written in the books, there are twelve judges who recorded his name and they realized that they were led by the power of the divine and not merely human choice.

God used the first judge was Othniel, Ehud and Shamgar (Judges 3), and then came the first female judge in Israel, Deborah. Deborah is one of the many women who are called and used by God himself. Deborah is a married woman (Judges 4), proving that the marriage was never designed to deter women ministry.

Deborah teaches how a woman should act wisely even though he became a leader. Humbly he delegated the task, but he is also willing to take responsibility when the people they lead are not capable.

He was also a brave woman, and firm in his leadership. In his lifetime, the wife of Lapidot along with Barak led the Israelites victory over Sisera and the Canaanite and the forces across the country are inhabited by Israelis to be safe up to 40 years.

Deborah did not let his nature as a woman call blocking service, even though he lived in a time where men dominate everything.

Attitude of obedience to God will give you the path and lead you to where you should be heading. Others will respect and care for your services when they see the love and the nature of God, God’s choices and decisions emanating from yourself.

Be a woman who is full of humility and harbored no resentment or hurt, the wounds and bitterness in a person will destroy and hinder your steps in your everyday living. It is this attitude that should be owned by the Christian women.

Healing Quote:
Debora close relationship with God makes him very influential among his people.

“In this case there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, no male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28)

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The root of bitterness is toxic waste!

Love Canal was a canal adjacent to the Niagara Falls.
This place became the world’s attention when it was discovered 21,000 tons of toxic waste.
It turned out to know that before some American companies that have been authorized by the U.S. government tried to bury toxic waste products underground.
They fill a large metal containers with chemical waste and other products that endanger lives.
Then the drums tightly closed and buried deep below the ground surface.
They thought that it would end there.

But over time, many of the container started to leak, and toxic waste began to seep to the surface, and cause all sorts of problems.
The problem was initially detected after the birth of the children in this area along with the disabilities, and many people began to die of cancer.
In addition, pets are also losing their feathers.
Finally the investigation after the matter Niagara Falls Gazette publish in 1976.
At long last, the blocks are overgrown by grass and is remembered as the worst environmental tragedy in the history of America.

As sewage plant after polluting the lives of those who exist Love Canal area, although it has been trying to hide.
So also if we keep the roots of bitterness, a time will inevitably lead to detrimental effects, both for himself and for many people.
The effects of the bitter root can leak out through anger, depression, feelings of worthlessness and other negative attitudes, which ultimately did not become a blessing to others.
And create ugly and polluted our lives as believers.

So, if we have a root of bitterness, then it would tarnish everything that came out of an attitude in us.
So it will damage relations with others, because we can not adjust to other people.
and other people did not like us.
David, in conjunction with Saul, do not try to keep the roots of bitterness, but his experience with Saul was very unpleasant.
The Bible records that he made no mistake, Saul always trying to kill him.
David had to live on the run, but he still did not keep the roots of bitterness, so that he could forgive Saul.

It is good if we pay attention to God’s Word;
“Take care that no one has distanced himself from the Grace of God, so that the roots do not grow bitter that led to riots and the defile many.” (Hebrews 12:15)
Overcome with no bitter root away from God’s Grace,
Always to maintain a relationship with God, and know him more deeply through His Word.

Street children

When I saw street children, I am very concerned and sad hearts always see them on the streets. they like not afraid and did not realize the dangers that always threaten them.
They also like not concerned with the safety of themselves.
Maybe because it was familiar, maybe it was forced to earn a penny to make a living.
Maybe even many of those who pretend to be, but whatever they do it;
It was a familiar sight if they see many children and even elderly people who stretch out their hands to beg everyone who passed by in the street.
Feel so sorry for them, because they do not know Jesus might even lack of knowledge of Jesus the Savior so that they can not love themselves, and make their own lives miserable.
As there is no hope and help for their lives.
God I miss reaching out to them, so that they repent, and experience love and your grace receive abundant blessings more.
So they can love you, and love themselves and love others, but thy will be God for them and for us all, amen.

what do we have?

When I want to be rich, I forget that my life is a treasure.
When I do not want to give, I forgot that all I have is a gift.
When I want to be the strongest, I forgot that in my weakness His power gives me strength.
When I’m afraid to lose, I forget that my life is a fortune for love of His grace.
When I was getting cocky, I forgot that all that is entrusted to me is a God.
When I rebelled, I forgot that the strength of my life only from God.
Everything is from God and for God, and for what I rejoice over me?
Is not it is an absurdity that is shameful?
Moreover, the presence of God my creator.

Regarding my writing?

Thanks for all the comments my friends in my blog. I really appreciate it. I am happy to share stories with friends all.
I hope what I wrote did not saturate to read.
I’m not a real writer, if there is an error writing or plot similarities, I apologize.
I just wrote based on the wisdom that God has placed in my brain, and the little experience that I have ever experienced in my life. Most of my writing is a little quote from the sermons of the pastor at the church where I grew up.
Do not mean to copy or imitate, but just wanted everyone to know about the truth of the Word of God, so that everyone can experience God’s love.
I hope for my friends readers, not saturated for reading my blog.
I believe God’s blessings continue to flow to all who desire to share God’s Word and His love.

be aware!

I am very concerned at all with a lot of people who like the same kind. I understand there are many reasons that people can do that. but why should I do? not God created humans in pairs? meaning opposite sex to support each other in a relationship. there was a strong party was the underdog. in order to complement each other? be aware! and fear God who can kill not only the body but also the soul. remember! that destroyed Sodom and gamora in God because the entire population of the city was already doing same-sex relationships, and it is made ​​of God’s wrath, so that the Lord rained brimstone fire from heaven to destroy the town and all its inhabitants. remember, that life is temporary. do not let our bodies in controlled by lust because that’s all the devil’s work. know the devil is not going to stop dragging us before we die to be the inhabitants of hell like him. that’s why as much as possible the devil is always trying to make us not be deceived in order to hear the truth of God’s word even refused. pray and open your heart to the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to help you be released from attachment. God is always waiting for you with open arms, of any kind and cruel as red as any sin we have done if we sincerely beg for forgiveness, the compassion HE surely forgive us. Jesus took all our sins and weaknesses and our sickness on the cross, all of them already paid off and it was finished. therefore do not be afraid, and keep the heart that are not easily deceived by the devil, God be with us all.

Thy will be done Lord

someone who is quite known among the above, asked me to get involved in prison ministry. He was a God-fearing, and he also is a bridge to access services in prisons. I could not agree more, not just because I have a talent in the field of mission service, but even more than that because I also like the new things, meet new people and visit the place where the new, for some reason, I’m always sad heart and deeply felt compassion when meeting and see the state of the poor, the outcasts, vagabonds, beggars, abandoned children, orphans, elderly widows and many more. but I knew it was God who gave me a heart full of compassion for my neighbor. but in spite of it all, and it is God who determines who chose me from the start, where to go and where I should serve. possible if God willing I will start next year ministry in prisons. I miss being a tool of God to reach out to souls imprisoned physically and mentally. Please support all prayers, especially for the readers of my blog this. not our brothers in the Lord? because it is our mutual strut fitting prayer for our brothers and sisters, God bless them all.