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Leadership of a woman of God


In the year 2013, we are entering a period of spiritual warfare, in which each of us must wear complete armor of God and always on guard so that the devil could not find a chance to beat us. This applies to everyone, not to mention women. For women, do not underestimate yourself. God also wants to use the women to be a tool for God’s glory.

In the book of Judges, we can see how the state of Israel after Joshua died. Judges is an important book because it gives an idea of ​​the relationship between Joshua, who led the Israelites entered Canaan, with Saul, David, and other kings of Israel. During the period of the judges, Israel step by step learn to become a nation and no longer as the twelve tribes which stand on their own. God appoints the judges are not merely dealing with legal issues, they are the spiritual leaders who were inspired by the Holy Spirit to give you a sort of charismatic leadership in times of need. Written in the books, there are twelve judges who recorded his name and they realized that they were led by the power of the divine and not merely human choice.

God used the first judge was Othniel, Ehud and Shamgar (Judges 3), and then came the first female judge in Israel, Deborah. Deborah is one of the many women who are called and used by God himself. Deborah is a married woman (Judges 4), proving that the marriage was never designed to deter women ministry.

Deborah teaches how a woman should act wisely even though he became a leader. Humbly he delegated the task, but he is also willing to take responsibility when the people they lead are not capable.

He was also a brave woman, and firm in his leadership. In his lifetime, the wife of Lapidot along with Barak led the Israelites victory over Sisera and the Canaanite and the forces across the country are inhabited by Israelis to be safe up to 40 years.

Deborah did not let his nature as a woman call blocking service, even though he lived in a time where men dominate everything.

Attitude of obedience to God will give you the path and lead you to where you should be heading. Others will respect and care for your services when they see the love and the nature of God, God’s choices and decisions emanating from yourself.

Be a woman who is full of humility and harbored no resentment or hurt, the wounds and bitterness in a person will destroy and hinder your steps in your everyday living. It is this attitude that should be owned by the Christian women.

Healing Quote:
Debora close relationship with God makes him very influential among his people.

“In this case there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, no male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28)

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Sari 2

When her employer’s house Sari learned a lot of new things that make it better in many ways. the state of the body is still weak and sick Sari kept thinking hard. although in his heart full of regret, and anger and hatred. even more so because of her virginity was taken away by a man she did not love. Sari is very confused, because in his flight he did not have any money or a phone that can he used to help him. During their stay in the country, Sari has not had a friend who could be contacted. because while in her employer’s house Sari never allowed to leave the house alone. but eventually Sari remember teacher who taught at home employer. Sari wanted to contact the teacher, but unfortunately Sari did not know the address and did not have his teacher’s phone number. because it can no longer think straight, Sari finally decided to come back home man. and determined no matter what happens he will be facing. Sari also reminded of what has become a commitment of time that “his life had changed” despite any difficult. but in his heart he has to say this time could be a dodgy too smart not to be fooled again. and it turns out when Sari returned, he saw his master had parked the car in front of him.Sari had hesitated whether he should return or not! but because he is no longer a place to take refuge finally tekatnya round, he had to come back into the house. when Sari arrived home, the man and his employer was surprised. and asked where are you? with fear Sari answer only out for a while. without asking again after that employer asking permission to bring him home Sari briefly and promised to bring him back again Sari. and the man was allowed, on the way home, Sari employer asked him what happened? why did you leave him? Sari said, “because he was in the shower so I went out briefly for a walk” in the heart Sari employer may pretend not to know what happened to him. Sari because it did not say anything to her employer’s. Sari and act as if nothing happen to him. Sari said to myself by taking him back to his master’s house is his chance to take the passport and visa and other paperwork that might someday be used to help him.Arriving at the house of her employer, Sari immediately beaten and scolded by his master-out and in a highly emotional state the employer was in itself says the same thing in Sari. that Sari was taken and trained and taught manners in order to be a top class woman just for him. because Sari been paid or have been purchased expensive by him. Sari truly heartbroken to hear these things. Does he have thought if she had considered him like a mother bear had been sold to the old man’s johns. Sari was silent to hear it all, without saying anything. employer also asked Sari “when you get out earlier if you talk to others about what happened to you? Sari just said no! employer ask again, if you can take responsibility for what you say that? Sari said yes. past employer promises not to tell Sari do the same again. because if Sari doing the same thing, he has to pay a huge indemnity amount. after all that her employer told Sari shower and get ready to go back to his house., and that’s an opportunity to bring all Sari important papers. Sari also ask your phone number on the master language teacher by pretending to want to learn even more if she stayed with him and to be better characterized. unsuspecting notify the employer of any Sari.     (Story continued)