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Revenge is like a poison that is destructive and deadly
Revenge it upsets the balance of the mind, thus triggering the brain always tend to think negative.
Revenge which so long kept, rooted bitterness.
When it is rooted, will happen slump on health so it will cause a lot of pain disease in the body that over time can lead to death.
Revenge is very detrimental to themselves and harm others

What is the solution?
– Do not keep grudges
-Quickly forgive
God bless 🙂


The root of bitterness is toxic waste!

Love Canal was a canal adjacent to the Niagara Falls.
This place became the world’s attention when it was discovered 21,000 tons of toxic waste.
It turned out to know that before some American companies that have been authorized by the U.S. government tried to bury toxic waste products underground.
They fill a large metal containers with chemical waste and other products that endanger lives.
Then the drums tightly closed and buried deep below the ground surface.
They thought that it would end there.

But over time, many of the container started to leak, and toxic waste began to seep to the surface, and cause all sorts of problems.
The problem was initially detected after the birth of the children in this area along with the disabilities, and many people began to die of cancer.
In addition, pets are also losing their feathers.
Finally the investigation after the matter Niagara Falls Gazette publish in 1976.
At long last, the blocks are overgrown by grass and is remembered as the worst environmental tragedy in the history of America.

As sewage plant after polluting the lives of those who exist Love Canal area, although it has been trying to hide.
So also if we keep the roots of bitterness, a time will inevitably lead to detrimental effects, both for himself and for many people.
The effects of the bitter root can leak out through anger, depression, feelings of worthlessness and other negative attitudes, which ultimately did not become a blessing to others.
And create ugly and polluted our lives as believers.

So, if we have a root of bitterness, then it would tarnish everything that came out of an attitude in us.
So it will damage relations with others, because we can not adjust to other people.
and other people did not like us.
David, in conjunction with Saul, do not try to keep the roots of bitterness, but his experience with Saul was very unpleasant.
The Bible records that he made no mistake, Saul always trying to kill him.
David had to live on the run, but he still did not keep the roots of bitterness, so that he could forgive Saul.

It is good if we pay attention to God’s Word;
“Take care that no one has distanced himself from the Grace of God, so that the roots do not grow bitter that led to riots and the defile many.” (Hebrews 12:15)
Overcome with no bitter root away from God’s Grace,
Always to maintain a relationship with God, and know him more deeply through His Word.