Victims Living Offerings (Leviticus 1:3,9)

There are five offerings in Leviticus that represents the sacrifices that Jesus endured on the cross.
With one exception, all the offerings mentioned are the sacrifices that require bloodshed.
Every aspect of Christ’s sacrifice and describe our spiritual journey with Him.
All aspects of the offering is given in detail.
Nothing is left to the imagination and human understanding.

The first of the five offerings in Leviticus is the burnt offering.
It is a freewill offering, which a person gives his best to the Lord.
Four parts of sacrificial animals to be placed on the altar, to be burned with fire;

1) Head, talking about the thoughts and aspirations.
2) Fat, talk about prosperity that God has given to us.
3) The internal organs, talking about our deepest feelings.
4) Legs, talk about our spiritual journey.

All areas of life is to be submitted, purified, and equipped by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is our burnt offering.
He came into the world as a human being, not to do His will, but to fulfill the will of the Father who sent Him.
Jesus “gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God” (Ephesians 5:2)
He willingly gave Himself completely — body, soul, and spirit — to do the will of the Father in Heaven, and accomplished it with a win.

But the victim also spoke about our offerings.
“How much more is needed the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit had offered himself to God as a sacrifice an unblemished, which will purify our consciences from acts that waste, so that we may serve the living God ? “(Hebrews 9:14).
We are not saved by works, but we are saved for good works.

Burnt offering to talk about our personal consecration as a vessel for God.
Paul instructs us to “offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God, it is your reasonable service” (Romans 12:1).
Like Jesus, when we willingly give up life to do the will of God in our generation, we become a burnt offering by the Holy Spirit.
Now we are fragrant incense to the Lord.

by: Pastor Kong Hee


What do we do after successful?

You’ve heard the story of Rick Warren, author of the book
“The Purpose Driven Life” is famous for?
In an interview conducted by Paul Bradshaw, Rick Warren argued about the purpose of his life, what he and his wife got in the face of illness suffered by his wife’s cancer came to fame that he got because he wrote the book sold 20 million copies.

But more than his life experience, his commitment was incredible.
He said, although he gets a lot of money from the sale of his book, he and his family will not change their lifestyle.
You can imagine, 20 million copies sold!
He not only became famous but rich quick.
John Wesley once said, “Revenue increased spending should not grow, but giving up”. And throughout his life he has given around 30 million pounds produced during his lifetime.

We often hear people say that life is hard right now, everything is expensive store, not to mention the salary does not go up!
In the era of the hard way, did you ever ask yourself, what if you suddenly got a huge advantage and become “The New Rich”. What would you do? We can see on the television infotainment, some artists who get rich quick because his fame or notoriety partner, immediately change their lifestyle.
Maybe you will change your lifestyle; moved into elite housing, buying a new car, and so on, the dream has become a reality!

You want to know what to do with Rick Warren with his wealth?
Rick and his wife, Kay Warren, contributing to 90% of their income to the three foundations: “Acts of Mercy”, which serves those who are suffering from AIDS, “Equipping The Church”, which trains church leaders in developing countries and “The Global Piece Fund “, which help the poor, the sick and the illiterate.

Rick also stopped receiving a salary from the church where he was serving on his own.
Then he also calculated back all the salary he has received over the past 24 years since he entered the church and restore it.
“Serving the Lord, for free,” he said.

Of course, you do not have to be rich first to do what Rick Warren did.
Look at your brother in your church, they need attention, they need your prayers.
If you do not have the resources to give, why not give your time?
Let us “serve the Lord, for free” with all the power that is in us, we are not much money, time everyone as much, ie 24 hours.
We may not have a wealth of Rick Warren, but we can have faith like Rick Warren.
Let us serve Him, the Giver of Life!
It only takes a commitment to serving others.


A boy born in a very poor family to eat the pulp of wheat for breakfast everyday. When the day was late morning, and he had to eat, he just jammed his stomach by drinking as much water as to be satisfied because he had no money. At night, he had to re-take of wheat residue. And to the dregs that even he did not buy it, the child’s family is getting these dregs of the free liquor distillery.

Teenagers, young people selling food and ice cream to help his family. Although very poor, this kid has the determination to go to college. Since then, he worked hard to earn a scholarship in order to continue the high school. Both parents of young people went to the city to look for a better hope. But fate says otherwise, the child’s parent is a vegetable vendor on the roadside.

And for good performance, this young man received at the famous college. To pay for college, this young man is not ashamed to work as a street sweeper. When the college is at the turning point of his life. This young man was elected to the student council and he was involved in anti-government demonstrations which resulted in her getting probation from the government.

This sentence makes it almost failed to get into one of the famous companies in the world, Hyundai Group. The company was afraid the government would be angry if young people received in their company. But because such a strong determination of the child, he sent a letter to the presidential staff. With a letter pleading tone, the presidential staff were touched and sent Hyundai Group companies accept it as their employees.

And this is where this young man shows the quality that makes the company founders in awe. He earned the nickname “bulldozer” for being able to complete any difficult task. And one of his phenomenal is when he unload a bulldozer to study the workings of the machine. At a later date Hyundai has succeeded in producing a bulldozer.

This young man was appointed and held the highest position in the construction division. During this construction division into a money machine for Hyundai, as South Korea is undergoing rapid development and physical development are very rampant.

After years of work, the young people began to enter the political arena by becoming a member of the board in 1992. Then in 2002 he was elected mayor of Seoul. And in 2007, young childhood was very poor, did not have a pleasant childhood experiences, life painstakingly has become the number one in South Korea.

Who is he? He is Lee Myung Bak, the 10th president of South Korea. Someone who has proven that every person has the right to be successful. The state is not entitled to make a person excel, not a good situation even supposed to be a stepping stone for a person to prove himself worthy to succeed.

Beloved, the story above is an example that there are no circumstances that can hinder a person to succeed.

Always seek the tireless and always not forget to pray to God.

Proverbs 6: 6-8

“(6) Hey slacker, go to the ant, consider ways and be wise: (7) having no chief, officer or ruler, (8) it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.”

Success is not measured by how much of our wealth, how high our position in the office or how much we are known by others. Success itself is a gift of God’s promises and fulfilled in our lives to glorify the name of God. Since mankind was created in the world is that every human being to glorify God.

Colossians 1: 16

“For by him were all things created, that are in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones, or kingdom, either government or authorities; all things were created by Him and for Him.”

Let the day we understand that God always provide the best design in life. Our job is only to try and stick to his promise extraordinary.

Quote Healing:
“For who is God besides the LORD, and who is the rock except our God? God, he who binds my waist by might mean making my way; makes my feet like the feet of a deer and set me up on the hill. ”

Psalm 18: 32-34

Worry will not bring us in and enjoy God’s incredible promise, trust Him because He always gives strength and hope. Jesus Blesses

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Five ways God wants to be recognized (Exodus 34:6)

Once a well-known Bible teacher stated that
“A leader needs the compensation due to buildup”
In one sense, this is very evident in the business world.
Those at the top have a lot of compensation.
They were given an added bonus, cars, houses, and roads abroad.
Spiritually, we should be compensated is a closer relationship with God and the Holy Spirit’s presence stronger.

Moses received the compensation is to meet face to face with God, as a man speaks to his friend (Exodus 33:11).
Moses boldly ask God to show His glory. (Exodus 33:18)
A leader can fail because of the priority placed on the wrong thing.
Moses did not ask for the position, dignity, fame, or even the prosperity of God.
When we read the Bible, Bible heroes who have the all blessings are never made ​​it a priority.
Those things are just added to them as they seek the Kingdom of God first (Matthew 6:33).
They all have the presence and power of God.
For those met with God is more important than their service.

In Exodus 34:6, God revealed Himself to Moses in the way as he wants to be recognized. he
(1) the merciful
(2) full of grace
(3) long-suffering
(4) abundant in kindness
(5) the truth
This is the fifth most important of God’s nature.

When we walk with God, we must fully understand five things.
Be a compassionate, quick to forgive.
Be generous to those around us in our attitudes and words.
Long wait on each other, have the inner strength to calm our anger.
“Goodness,” means “I can not do evil”.
Be a person who is not capable of plotting and planning something evil against others.
And lastly, be someone who walks and lives in truth.

Without mixture (Revelation 22:11)

In Exodus 32, Moses together with God for 40 days on the mountain.
Impatient with delays, people speculated that Moses would not return.
Then they went to Aaron and asked to make their idols to worship.
The result is a golden calf.

A later statement was made:
“O Israel, is thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt” (Exodus 32:4).
This is Aaron, Moses’ assistant pastor, and he himself was a prophet of God, joined the pagan nation of Israel.
In the next paragraph Aaron doing something that does not make sense to build an altar in front of the golden calf and said, “Tomorrow is a feast to the Lord” (Exodus 32:5).
He placed the worship of idols and the worship of God YAHWEH simultaneously. The next day, people get up early to make offerings at the altar, after that they are eating, drinking, and partying.

God hates mixture.
He commanded Israel: “Do marries two types of livestock and do not sprinkle your field with two kinds of seed, nor wear clothes made of two kinds of material (Leviticus 19:19).

We see this also in the New Testament.
Do not put old wine in a new place.
Believers should not be together with unbelievers. Light could not unite with darkness.

Is there mix it in us?
When we express worship to God, is there any idols we serve in our lives?
An idol can be anything that takes the place of God. Careers We can become “idols”
People we love or admire can be “idols”.
Ambition We can become “idols”.
Money can be “idols”.

Jesus said,
“Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve” (Matthew 4:10).
As the old preacher once said.
“If God is not a president in your life, He will not be a resident (one who lives) in your life.”
When there is a mix, there will be a lukewarm condition in our life that God would vomit (Revelation 3:16).
Decide today not to let the mixture of love and faithfulness to God.

Do you believe?

In a village, there is a mother who began to diligently pray upon hearing the pastor preach about faith as a mustard seed can move mountains.
He prayed for his long illness can be cured.
However, after a month of prayer, did not happen. and he was told the matter to the minister.
Finally the priest agreed to pray with her mother in front of him.
When selasai say “amen” and saw his son was not recovered, the mother says, “Right reverend sir, even from the beginning I’d guess that it’s not possible.”
Shaking his head, the preacher said, “Mom just not sure?! How healing can happen?”

Mom was just one example of the many believers whose attitude like that.
They claim to believe in God, but often do not believe that God is willing and able to help them.
It is not easy to believe in a difficult situation, as an officer who became aide king in the story “Crisis Samaria”
Samaria crisis occurred because it was surrounded by an army of Samaria in Aramaic.
Direct food prices soaring, pigeon droppings kab quarter alone cost five shekels of silver (2 Kings 6:25)
Even as the crisis was, until the event occurs cannibalism. It was horrible!
King can not do anything to resolve the crisis.
Unfortunately, rather than plead guilty because he could not be responsible for the welfare of people, instead he blamed Elisha.
In fact he intended to kill Elisha.
Even worse, the king blame God for the crisis was the great Samaritan.
Obviously, the king did not believe that God can help them.
As a prophet, Elisha had to convince the king that the crisis will soon be over, so that the food prices down and affordable for ordinary people.

But sadly, mistrust has now turned to the officer who became adjutant of the king.
His words clearly indicates disbelief.
“Even if God made the windows of heaven open, dishes that happen?”
Because of unbelief, he did not enjoy the blessings of God, even he finally dies trampled by the crowd.

Confidence will affect a person’s attitude to life, as well as influence the outcome of what is expected.
People who believe in showing respect to God in prayer and enthusiastic.
God will not remain silent, at the right time He will fulfill what is expected of the person.
If we are now being squeezed issue, whether the disease will not go away or financial difficulties, do not ever doubt God.
Believe with all your heart that God will show His love and His power.
Trust me up real miracle! ***

The root of bitterness is toxic waste!

Love Canal was a canal adjacent to the Niagara Falls.
This place became the world’s attention when it was discovered 21,000 tons of toxic waste.
It turned out to know that before some American companies that have been authorized by the U.S. government tried to bury toxic waste products underground.
They fill a large metal containers with chemical waste and other products that endanger lives.
Then the drums tightly closed and buried deep below the ground surface.
They thought that it would end there.

But over time, many of the container started to leak, and toxic waste began to seep to the surface, and cause all sorts of problems.
The problem was initially detected after the birth of the children in this area along with the disabilities, and many people began to die of cancer.
In addition, pets are also losing their feathers.
Finally the investigation after the matter Niagara Falls Gazette publish in 1976.
At long last, the blocks are overgrown by grass and is remembered as the worst environmental tragedy in the history of America.

As sewage plant after polluting the lives of those who exist Love Canal area, although it has been trying to hide.
So also if we keep the roots of bitterness, a time will inevitably lead to detrimental effects, both for himself and for many people.
The effects of the bitter root can leak out through anger, depression, feelings of worthlessness and other negative attitudes, which ultimately did not become a blessing to others.
And create ugly and polluted our lives as believers.

So, if we have a root of bitterness, then it would tarnish everything that came out of an attitude in us.
So it will damage relations with others, because we can not adjust to other people.
and other people did not like us.
David, in conjunction with Saul, do not try to keep the roots of bitterness, but his experience with Saul was very unpleasant.
The Bible records that he made no mistake, Saul always trying to kill him.
David had to live on the run, but he still did not keep the roots of bitterness, so that he could forgive Saul.

It is good if we pay attention to God’s Word;
“Take care that no one has distanced himself from the Grace of God, so that the roots do not grow bitter that led to riots and the defile many.” (Hebrews 12:15)
Overcome with no bitter root away from God’s Grace,
Always to maintain a relationship with God, and know him more deeply through His Word.