Stop sexual perversion!

I was very concerned at all with the number of people who do sexsual deviation.
Like homosex, lesbian and so on.

(Leviticus 18:22) Thou shalt not lie with a male as one lies with women, because it is an abomination.
This verse became the basis for the ban on men to have same-sex sex,

the ban also for women who have sex with men.

It is sad even nastier!
Of more concern, very much even further increased in young children now who do this.
In fact, they deliberately and proudly displaying obscenity and obscene photograph-photograph them in cyberspace.
As if there is no longer the slightest shame.
Even more terrifying is no country that already allow same-sex marriage.
Why it is increasingly favored by many people? even more and more and more followers today?

1) The lack of knowledge of the Lord
2) Not knowing Jesus Christ personally
3) Reject the knowledge of God

Did you know that evil spirits are mastered you are doing so, would not you releasing hereditary, if you do not repent!
I believe you certainly would not want your offspring even if no immediate family who became casualties of the devil because you act now.
Since every do evil demon would definitely ask the victim!
Therefore repent of sexual deviations that you do now.

—> Jesus came to this world to teach the commandments and regulations of God the Father, which is intended to man so that man does not sin.
—> Jesus died on the cross to free us from the shackles that bind us to the sin
—> Jesus also atone for our sins and endure all our weaknesses.
—> As Jesus died on the Cross, He would not say “It’s over?”



15 thoughts on “Stop sexual perversion!

  1. Even if I were religious, I would still support the same sex marriage, because I personally don’t see the difference between different couples-the man and a woman, two men or 2 women. As long as love exists, I believe religion makes things even harder (plus living your live as well, but that’s another topic).
    It is a good thing to believe in your God, no matter of your religion, but that God shouldn’t be stopping you from being who you really are, especially in terms of love and sexual orientation.
    So yeah, same-sex marriage MUST BE APPROVED IN MORE COUNTRIES because people want to be from those straight couples with the rings, saying “I belong to someone and someone belongs to me”

    • Hi, thanks for your comment.
      I’m sorry if it offended you.
      I love you, even though I do not know you.
      Moreover, the Lord Jesus, He is much more to love you more than anything in this world. He does not want a single person in this world perish.
      After I read about you;
      Sorry if I say this;
      I feel your heart being overwhelmed with disappointment that so deeply rooted bitterness.
      Caused many pressures / issues arising from those around you. thus negatively on yourself because you keep the bitterness in your heart for so long.
      With a heart that such a situation, it is usually quite difficult to accept the Truth of God’s Word.
      Before you can forgive those who have hurt you, then every word that comes out of your mouth is sheer bitterness. you will continue to feel hurt, as if there are no more people who care and love to you, consequently you are looking for an escape to seek pleasures when you think it ultimately misleading and hurting yourself even add to existing problems.
      But he is very concerned about you He loves you.
      That’s why God let you experience a lot of problems in your life.
      That ye may learn to trust, and rely on his life.
      Even when all your loved ones leave you, Jesus never leave you, He is with you at this time.Jesus has been waiting for so long, that you ask for his help with a sincere heart. open your heart and receive Him as your personal Lord and Savior.
      Jesus no matter what you already are, whether you are religious or not. Jesus was only concerned with your heart.
      Believe it when you have to accept Jesus in your heart, your life must have experienced a total change.
      heavenly joy will fill your heart, so your heart to experience God’s peace and joy always.
      God bless you my brother ^ _ ^ …..

      • Honestly said, if Jesus loved me that much he wouldn’t have let my granddad hung himself-the so*called Lord would have made my grandpa’s death as something like “he died because he was quite old”.
        I don’t care about Jesus, Allah or whatever the different religions have. The whole idea of God is idiotic-people created God as a symbol of perfection but nothing nor anyone’s perfect so why bothering to be one?
        I can’t forgive-when i say “it’s over” I mean it for good and trust me, it’s for the best for everyone. I fight for myself and for what/who I want. I can’t make compromises with who I am, not anymore.
        I was raised in the Russian orthodox faith but I’ve never believed in it even when being a kid-the whole idea is stupid and despite it was created with good thoughts, it brings only bad to the whole world.
        According to the “lord” being with different sexual orientation is a sin-if so, then I don’t even care if people like it or not. i am who I am and the fact that I can love should be taken in mind, instead of the gender of the person I love.
        Jesus and any God in my eyes is created by an old version of Hitler but unlike him, those people still have control over the world, which is the scariest thing to do.
        People should have their own opinion, instead of choosing the Bible , Korhan or whatever because they were thought so and because it’s the easiest thing to do.

      • Ok, calm down. I hope you do not have emotions, I’m just sharing God’s love with you. your life is your choice.
        Whatever your decision today that will determine your future then.
        whatever you’re going through in life, all in good time and God must have a plan that is much more beautiful than what you think now.
        Even if you reject God and rebel against his teaching, God still loves you and He will never leave you alone. He is always with you. He was very patient waiting for you.
        Good luck to you and keep the spirit of my brother, God bless 🙂

      • I am what you call ’emotions”-I am like that, I can’t be anything else.
        Please, save me the “God loves you speech” because it really pisses me off. Like you see, despite being an Atheist,I don’t try to tell you stuff like you do. And like you said, it’s my choice, not yours.
        And despite it will sound really rude but “he can go on loving those bible geeks” I personally can live without “his love and guidance” etc…
        I posted my comments on your post because it wanted to forbid same sex marriage. if it was simply god’s shit I could easily pass through it and don’t waste time to clear your mind. I am mad with people like you because you are the reason why people like me have these problems and lack of equal rights.

      • I’m sorry brother, usually 99% of problems that arise from the self.
        Because usually ourselves that often times can not accept shortcomings / strengths of others.
        Which results in jealousy, anger, and even hatred.
        it all happened because of the roots of bitterness in the liver.
        If you are upset by this means God is touching your heart, so your responses like this.
        Do not harden your hearts, brother, God is not against you.
        Maybe you think you’re so far able to live without God, but try to think back who gives breath to you free of charge as long as you live up to these? Prepared which makes you able to talk and move even to think positively and negatively? if you can move your body without the Spirit of God in it?

      • My parents did. It’s called reproduction.
        I breathe, I walk, I talk and I feel BUT NOT BECAUSE OF GOD but because of myself. Everything I am now is because of me not because of anyone else, nor because of a the fiction you’re trying to convince me to believe in-not gonna happen, so I repeat politely one last time, to save me those words about your God.
        You can believe if you want but that doesn’t mean you can go and try to make people believe. He’s the reason to your existence-cool. He’s the beginning and the end of your life-fine. BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN HE SHOULD BE MINE AS WELL!
        Thinking is a matter of a couple of things-upbringing, finding yourself, having life experience (and trust me, for a 17 year old I’ve been through a lot more than many older people have). It is also coming from observations based on what’s happening around you. God has nothing to do with that.
        You’re more likely to convince me that we come from aliens rather than from god. Like I said-God’s a fiction created from people to control lives. I don’t want to be controlled and I have a head on my shoulders, which I use unlikely the most people.
        If God “touched my heart” I wouldn’t be upset because like you claim “he loves you” it’d mean that he wouldn’t let people suffer one way or another.

      • Thank you for this conversation my brother, thou good and fun. I love you even more God, I hope your life is always okay and always experience peace and joy abound. keep the spirit and keep smiling face of your future. Lord Jesus bless you 🙂

  2. Have you not seen Prayers for Bobby?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! This is slander, and I hate Christians like this. I AM A CHRISTIAN and I am ashamed of my Christian people when they say such things. They do not know that there are people in the church that are homosexuals, and have never stopped believing Jesus is the way but know that God loves them the way they are! I am ashamed of Christians that behave so harshly!

    • Brother I think we do not need emotions. everyone has their problems. As Christians our duty to always pray and love those who are lost.
      Christianity is not measured from the frequent someone comes to church
      Magnificent church building or a slum does not guarantee a person’s safety.
      Only faith to believe in Jesus Christ who can guarantee the safety of someone 🙂
      If someone is not having a personal encounter with Jesus and experiencing His love personally, then that person would be hard to break the habit of human character that tends to always judge others.
      Jesus came for sinners, do not be surprised if the perpetrators of the sin in the church lot. But that does not mean God compromise with sin.
      All people need a process to make changes ourselves as God wants, God bless

      • I believe that Jesus is the Saviour. I am not lost, nor broken. I prayed for 2 years for him to fix my homosexuality, and I remember his voice telling me, you are not broken, my child. I cried when I heard the Lord say that to me. I am a believer of Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit, so don’t tell me that I’m not a believer and that I’m lost.

      • Praise God, Thank you for your comment.
        I’m very happy and very proud of the openness and courage you to recognize a mistake to God,
          Jesus loves you, that is why Jesus came to this earth, to release and get lost and anyone who is bound by a variety of sins.
        Do not ever feel worthless, because you are precious in the eyes of God the creator.
        If anyone you scoff, let’s wind back and forget it. songsonglah your future with Jesus Christ.
        For the Lord has chosen you to be His witnesses.
        success for you and keep the spirit …
        God bless you 🙂

    • Forgive me, with no disrespect to you and I do not mean to patronize you;
      I think God did not create man to be violators of His commandments.
      If you think that homosex right thing, it’s your right.
      Here I only share the truth of God’s Word.
      When you meet personally with Jesus Christ and recognize Him and imitate the person of Jesus Christ and His teachings recognize as truth;
      You can surely recognize where the devil’s work and where the work of God.
      The Holy Spirit will surely lead you to become a man after God and desired.
      True Christians, not only because of Christianity activity habits / routines / traditions outwardly, but more so than that, Christians must be willing to learn to know God more, dig out the truth of God’s Word and find out what God’s will for his life.
      Not only so, but listeners should be perpetrators good word of God.
      And Christians must be willing to move to be a witness of Christ.
      God bless you 🙂

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