a real woman

Is a real woman;

Women who fear the Lord
Women whose lives are always put God
Women who have the authority of God
Women who have God’s mercy
Women were generous and loves to give and share
Women are full of love for his family and fellow
Women who have the independence in life
Women who could become a positive inspiration to family & others
Women who live not only for themselves
Women who have a positive impact on the environment
Women are always passionate and always had a passion for life
Women are always able to make people around him rejoice
Women who have a soul that is not easily fragile
Women who can get along and be able to put himself in all generations.
Women insightful, although never higher education

Indeed, she was the creature of God’s creation is very strong.
Women are able to do a variety of jobs in one time.
Women are able to think smart in many ways
The woman was able to endure a lot of suffering that comes bertubu insistently
She was also able to hide her feelings even in a state of confusion
She was strong!
She was tough!
She was not a weak creature!

Hi ladies smile to the world at every opportunity!
And have a lifestyle like Jesus Christ, the world will experience a miracle of God.
Miracles Salvation, Restoration repentance even inevitable.
And the joy of heaven meets earth definitely down to earth as a woman who has the light of Christ illuminates the earth and be a channel of God’s blessing on the earth. – 🙂 – 🙂


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