Victims and Victim Removal Sin Redeemer One (Leviticus 4:21)

Of the five offerings in Leviticus, two of which did not produce a fragrant aroma to God.
Offerings it is a sin offering and the guilt offering.
Sin always up to God as a foul odor.
Sin offering offered according to the position of those who offer it.
Whenever a priest or the whole congregation sinned against God, a young bull to be offered as an atone for sin (Leviticus 4:3,13-14)

Therein lies an important truth; sin spiritual leader as serious as sins of the whole congregation.
The privileges gained leadership in line with a great responsibility to live right before God.
Sin offering for a ruler is a male goat (Leviticus 4:22-23), while for the masses, a she-goat (Leviticus 4:27-28).
For each case, the sacrifice must be perfect.
Animal sacrifice for sin coverage must be slaughtered and taken out of the camp (4:11-12).

Sin describe Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice for mankind.
Just like the Israelites of his day, which is a sin offering for the sins of Israel.
Today God wants to break the power of sin over us.
He wants to eliminate the destructive nature of sin and the flesh of ourselves.
Trespass offering fault (breach) is closely related to the sin offering.
Sin means missing boundary markers.
Abuse is a violation of boundaries mark.
If the sin offering deals with the power of sin, the guilt offering custom error dealing with sin.

A number of specific sins considered important enough by God to be a list of habits that violates the truth.
There are 10 offenses listed in Leviticus 5-6;
1) Hiding the truth is required from the court.
2) Following a habit that polluted the soul and damages the spirit.
3) Breaking promises and contracts.
4) Dishonesty toward God in holiness and spiritual matters.
5) Ignore and disobey God.
6) Failure to protect something that is entrusted to us.
7) Inequity in partnership.
8) Taking what is not ours by violence.
9) Deceptive and fraudulent.
10) Keep something that does not belong to us.

For each violation, we not only have to make atonement for ourselves, but we also have to provide compensation to people.
Compensation is the fruit of genuine repentance.

Sin offering and trespass mistakes alike indicate that God has provided everything for the atonement of our sins.
He has broken the power of sin and has forgiven all the habits of sin in our lives.
This is confirmed by the apostle when he says,
“The blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin” (1 John 1:7) —- singular form of the word “sin” means the power of sin has been broken in us.
Then in the next paragraph, she stated, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just, so that He will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness” (1 John 1:9) — plural of the word “sin” means the habits of sin that has been forgiven.
How complete our salvation!

By: Pastor Kong Hee


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