What do we do after successful?

You’ve heard the story of Rick Warren, author of the book
“The Purpose Driven Life” is famous for?
In an interview conducted by Paul Bradshaw, Rick Warren argued about the purpose of his life, what he and his wife got in the face of illness suffered by his wife’s cancer came to fame that he got because he wrote the book sold 20 million copies.

But more than his life experience, his commitment was incredible.
He said, although he gets a lot of money from the sale of his book, he and his family will not change their lifestyle.
You can imagine, 20 million copies sold!
He not only became famous but rich quick.
John Wesley once said, “Revenue increased spending should not grow, but giving up”. And throughout his life he has given around 30 million pounds produced during his lifetime.

We often hear people say that life is hard right now, everything is expensive store, not to mention the salary does not go up!
In the era of the hard way, did you ever ask yourself, what if you suddenly got a huge advantage and become “The New Rich”. What would you do? We can see on the television infotainment, some artists who get rich quick because his fame or notoriety partner, immediately change their lifestyle.
Maybe you will change your lifestyle; moved into elite housing, buying a new car, and so on, the dream has become a reality!

You want to know what to do with Rick Warren with his wealth?
Rick and his wife, Kay Warren, contributing to 90% of their income to the three foundations: “Acts of Mercy”, which serves those who are suffering from AIDS, “Equipping The Church”, which trains church leaders in developing countries and “The Global Piece Fund “, which help the poor, the sick and the illiterate.

Rick also stopped receiving a salary from the church where he was serving on his own.
Then he also calculated back all the salary he has received over the past 24 years since he entered the church and restore it.
“Serving the Lord, for free,” he said.

Of course, you do not have to be rich first to do what Rick Warren did.
Look at your brother in your church, they need attention, they need your prayers.
If you do not have the resources to give, why not give your time?
Let us “serve the Lord, for free” with all the power that is in us, we are not much money, time everyone as much, ie 24 hours.
We may not have a wealth of Rick Warren, but we can have faith like Rick Warren.
Let us serve Him, the Giver of Life!
It only takes a commitment to serving others.


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