A boy born in a very poor family to eat the pulp of wheat for breakfast everyday. When the day was late morning, and he had to eat, he just jammed his stomach by drinking as much water as to be satisfied because he had no money. At night, he had to re-take of wheat residue. And to the dregs that even he did not buy it, the child’s family is getting these dregs of the free liquor distillery.

Teenagers, young people selling food and ice cream to help his family. Although very poor, this kid has the determination to go to college. Since then, he worked hard to earn a scholarship in order to continue the high school. Both parents of young people went to the city to look for a better hope. But fate says otherwise, the child’s parent is a vegetable vendor on the roadside.

And for good performance, this young man received at the famous college. To pay for college, this young man is not ashamed to work as a street sweeper. When the college is at the turning point of his life. This young man was elected to the student council and he was involved in anti-government demonstrations which resulted in her getting probation from the government.

This sentence makes it almost failed to get into one of the famous companies in the world, Hyundai Group. The company was afraid the government would be angry if young people received in their company. But because such a strong determination of the child, he sent a letter to the presidential staff. With a letter pleading tone, the presidential staff were touched and sent Hyundai Group companies accept it as their employees.

And this is where this young man shows the quality that makes the company founders in awe. He earned the nickname “bulldozer” for being able to complete any difficult task. And one of his phenomenal is when he unload a bulldozer to study the workings of the machine. At a later date Hyundai has succeeded in producing a bulldozer.

This young man was appointed and held the highest position in the construction division. During this construction division into a money machine for Hyundai, as South Korea is undergoing rapid development and physical development are very rampant.

After years of work, the young people began to enter the political arena by becoming a member of the board in 1992. Then in 2002 he was elected mayor of Seoul. And in 2007, young childhood was very poor, did not have a pleasant childhood experiences, life painstakingly has become the number one in South Korea.

Who is he? He is Lee Myung Bak, the 10th president of South Korea. Someone who has proven that every person has the right to be successful. The state is not entitled to make a person excel, not a good situation even supposed to be a stepping stone for a person to prove himself worthy to succeed.

Beloved, the story above is an example that there are no circumstances that can hinder a person to succeed.

Always seek the tireless and always not forget to pray to God.

Proverbs 6: 6-8

“(6) Hey slacker, go to the ant, consider ways and be wise: (7) having no chief, officer or ruler, (8) it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.”

Success is not measured by how much of our wealth, how high our position in the office or how much we are known by others. Success itself is a gift of God’s promises and fulfilled in our lives to glorify the name of God. Since mankind was created in the world is that every human being to glorify God.

Colossians 1: 16

“For by him were all things created, that are in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones, or kingdom, either government or authorities; all things were created by Him and for Him.”

Let the day we understand that God always provide the best design in life. Our job is only to try and stick to his promise extraordinary.

Quote Healing:
“For who is God besides the LORD, and who is the rock except our God? God, he who binds my waist by might mean making my way; makes my feet like the feet of a deer and set me up on the hill. ”

Psalm 18: 32-34

Worry will not bring us in and enjoy God’s incredible promise, trust Him because He always gives strength and hope. Jesus Blesses

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