Five ways God wants to be recognized (Exodus 34:6)

Once a well-known Bible teacher stated that
“A leader needs the compensation due to buildup”
In one sense, this is very evident in the business world.
Those at the top have a lot of compensation.
They were given an added bonus, cars, houses, and roads abroad.
Spiritually, we should be compensated is a closer relationship with God and the Holy Spirit’s presence stronger.

Moses received the compensation is to meet face to face with God, as a man speaks to his friend (Exodus 33:11).
Moses boldly ask God to show His glory. (Exodus 33:18)
A leader can fail because of the priority placed on the wrong thing.
Moses did not ask for the position, dignity, fame, or even the prosperity of God.
When we read the Bible, Bible heroes who have the all blessings are never made ​​it a priority.
Those things are just added to them as they seek the Kingdom of God first (Matthew 6:33).
They all have the presence and power of God.
For those met with God is more important than their service.

In Exodus 34:6, God revealed Himself to Moses in the way as he wants to be recognized. he
(1) the merciful
(2) full of grace
(3) long-suffering
(4) abundant in kindness
(5) the truth
This is the fifth most important of God’s nature.

When we walk with God, we must fully understand five things.
Be a compassionate, quick to forgive.
Be generous to those around us in our attitudes and words.
Long wait on each other, have the inner strength to calm our anger.
“Goodness,” means “I can not do evil”.
Be a person who is not capable of plotting and planning something evil against others.
And lastly, be someone who walks and lives in truth.


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