Do you believe?

In a village, there is a mother who began to diligently pray upon hearing the pastor preach about faith as a mustard seed can move mountains.
He prayed for his long illness can be cured.
However, after a month of prayer, did not happen. and he was told the matter to the minister.
Finally the priest agreed to pray with her mother in front of him.
When selasai say “amen” and saw his son was not recovered, the mother says, “Right reverend sir, even from the beginning I’d guess that it’s not possible.”
Shaking his head, the preacher said, “Mom just not sure?! How healing can happen?”

Mom was just one example of the many believers whose attitude like that.
They claim to believe in God, but often do not believe that God is willing and able to help them.
It is not easy to believe in a difficult situation, as an officer who became aide king in the story “Crisis Samaria”
Samaria crisis occurred because it was surrounded by an army of Samaria in Aramaic.
Direct food prices soaring, pigeon droppings kab quarter alone cost five shekels of silver (2 Kings 6:25)
Even as the crisis was, until the event occurs cannibalism. It was horrible!
King can not do anything to resolve the crisis.
Unfortunately, rather than plead guilty because he could not be responsible for the welfare of people, instead he blamed Elisha.
In fact he intended to kill Elisha.
Even worse, the king blame God for the crisis was the great Samaritan.
Obviously, the king did not believe that God can help them.
As a prophet, Elisha had to convince the king that the crisis will soon be over, so that the food prices down and affordable for ordinary people.

But sadly, mistrust has now turned to the officer who became adjutant of the king.
His words clearly indicates disbelief.
“Even if God made the windows of heaven open, dishes that happen?”
Because of unbelief, he did not enjoy the blessings of God, even he finally dies trampled by the crowd.

Confidence will affect a person’s attitude to life, as well as influence the outcome of what is expected.
People who believe in showing respect to God in prayer and enthusiastic.
God will not remain silent, at the right time He will fulfill what is expected of the person.
If we are now being squeezed issue, whether the disease will not go away or financial difficulties, do not ever doubt God.
Believe with all your heart that God will show His love and His power.
Trust me up real miracle! ***


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