Street children

When I saw street children, I am very concerned and sad hearts always see them on the streets. they like not afraid and did not realize the dangers that always threaten them.
They also like not concerned with the safety of themselves.
Maybe because it was familiar, maybe it was forced to earn a penny to make a living.
Maybe even many of those who pretend to be, but whatever they do it;
It was a familiar sight if they see many children and even elderly people who stretch out their hands to beg everyone who passed by in the street.
Feel so sorry for them, because they do not know Jesus might even lack of knowledge of Jesus the Savior so that they can not love themselves, and make their own lives miserable.
As there is no hope and help for their lives.
God I miss reaching out to them, so that they repent, and experience love and your grace receive abundant blessings more.
So they can love you, and love themselves and love others, but thy will be God for them and for us all, amen.


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