Book by 2013

Happy New Year all …… – 🙂
This was the start of 2013 with respect to the positive and beneficial for the Lord and for all.
Then we will see what God’s miraculous and extraordinary will happen next in our lives.
What was never heard by the ear and what was never seen by the eye and what can never arise in our hearts, may we experience and will happen in our lives in 2013.
Do not be afraid, do not worry God will be with each of us who take refuge in Him.
God must give the best for us all in 2013.
God also must account for all our actions.
Be careful with the words of the attitude and actions in the future,
Because maybe we too could have made this trap that makes us fell and shattered.
And beware of ourselves, ourselves because they will determine what kind of life would we have in 2013.
God bless us all – 🙂


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