Take action in 2013

Science can be taken or stolen even be able to fade.
But the wisdom that God has given to man can not be lost or faded from that person.
For what is given by God’s nature is always permanent.
2013, let each of us crave more and more and look even chase the wisdom from God.
In order that we can always pleasing before Him and always sanctified by Him.
Make changes in a positive direction with;
– Get closer to God and repent
– Confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior
– Obey His commandments and do it.
– Believe in Faith and act in faith.
– Avoid sinful deeds.
– Consider the poor, and give help.
– Have the heart of God is always merciful to all people.
Let 2013 be a year of change for us all. Enriched the poor, the sick healed, the weak strengthened and each problem is given a way out.
Every God answered prayer and struggle.


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