Illness toll from online games

Beware of online gaming habits.
Because it can make people experience mental illness.
In Indonesia alone, the year 2012 was flawed 12 people who experience mental disorders due to play games online.
Play games online, often makes people forget time, and because it is too long to play, so the brain drain.
Consequently, when the brain is no longer able to work as it should, eventually people become strees even depression to lose consciousness (mental illness)
Playing online games does not hurt, as long as we can control it, rather than instead we are controlled by the game play online.
If we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, then we will be easy to read and understand what the game is being played by the devil to trap and drag the man in order to destroy the humans.
Be aware! not all that we like it well, and not all the fun we are useful to us.
if it may not have been able to stop it in a short time, at least it can reduce the time, so that little by little to control it so it can finally stop.
Take care of ourselves, lest we become victims of the devil game irresponsible.
The soul is very precious in God’s sight! Therefore let us not lose our souls!


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