Watch our family!

Very alarming, another shooting of school children in the United States.
What is happening in America? so that cases like this are often repeated and repeated again?
They say the gunman had opened fire first father to death, then just go to the school where his biological mother taught school and also fired on and killed. and even worse 20 children and 7 adults also become victims who died in the shooting. after all it was the gunman also fired himself to death.
What’s wrong with America’s children?
Why do you vent anger by having
make someone else suffer the consequences?

In my opinion, this should be of particular concern for the elderly in America.
To be even more attention to their children.
Give love and attention more.
It is important that children are given instruction about the truth of the Word of God from an early age. so that they know Jesus Christ and accept Jesus as your Lord and personal savior for them.
Because only Jesus is the way the truth and the life.
I truly believe when parents in America and even in other countries too, if your child has been given spiritual food, in the name of Jesus Christ! definitely saved and always in God’s protection.
Because only Jesus is the answer to any problem any hassle.
Lack of attention and affection from their parents one of the main triggers the brutality of children.
devil was was keen to launch their attacks against each household-household.

Because the devil really know, major household is the most important point to be destroyed.
If households were destroyed, then it is easy for the devil to destroy all the other aspects of our lives.
Beginning with the family, then things could be:
Successful or otherwise fail and crumble.
All depends on our choices.
If we love our family means we love and appreciate
God gave us a family.
But before that we have to respect ourselves first, so we can appreciate and love our families, in fact we will also be able to appreciate and love others.
“Make our family united in God’s love”


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