whether it’s Christmas?

How do we celebrate Christmas each year?
1) is merely went along with it?
2) whether the mere living tradition alone?
3) does it just want to make whoopee?
Among the three questions above, we include the class of people who do?
Only we ourselves can answer.
But the truth;
Jesus longs for us to celebrate His birth with a sincere heart with HIS.
Jesus longs for us to really intimate union with HIM
Not one to rejoice in celebrating Christmas, it is part of our pleasure in welcoming the birth of the Savior.
But did you know that Christmas celebrations often we do every year, instead of pleasing God, instead often make Jesus sad and disappointed?
Caused us just busy with all sorts of activities we are preparing a variety of knick knacks Christmas for pleasure ourselves, so Jesus is often part of the retarded even forgotten.
Jesus wants us to do love, and sharing to our neighbor.
Wherever we are or how we celebrate at Christmas, it is not an obstacle for us to do the love and share our blessings with others, especially our brothers and sisters who are in dire need.
Have we understand this?
Renew our hearts, so that we understand the true meaning of Christmas, “Merry Christmas” and God bless us all.


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