Setting expectations

God gave us laws that enable us to achieve success in all aspects of our lives:
Career, education, marriage, finances, our journey with HIM, and others.
The law is given us to understand the balance of cause and effect in the universe of God’s creation.

God, so that we are not disappointed with life.
Disappointment is not caused by what we found,
but what we hope to find.
And when we do not get what we expect, we become angry and sad.
In some cases, we can even become very depressed.
To achieve success in life, we have to adjust our expectations properly.
If our hope is not realistic, finally we will be disappointed.

Mark 4 talk about the parable of the sower.
There are four types of soil.
A farmer carrying large bags containing seeds for sowing.
Intuitively, this farmer understands that he will not get the full return of any seed that he sowed.

The seed that falls on the side of the road will not grow.
The seed that fell on rocky ground would die immediately.
The seed that fell on thorns, be trapped by thorn-duriannya.
Only seed in good soil will bear fruit,
produced thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold.

A farmer always fully aware of the condition of the land where he works.
He knows that only 25 percent of what he would scatter pays.
And in fact, only a third of the 25 percent that will give maximum results hundredfold.
Armed with this knowledge, the farmer would not be surprised, shocked or traumatized when some seeds do not produce anything.
She set her hope well.

Just like that, we must be prepared to face
“Things that can not be avoided” in life.
We live in a world that is broken and imperfect.
There will be a recession, unemployment, epidemics, natural disasters, temptation, and persecution.
We’ll have the adversary.
Bad things can happen to good people.
If things like that make us surprised, we are very naive, gullible and immature.
The Bible calls such a man as “a fool”

Therefore adjust our expectations in every aspect of our lives.
Sometimes, we would feel being hit roadside, stony ground, or a thorn bush.
When that happens, do not be discouraged because we can be sure that there is good ground near us and will bring an abundant harvest for us.


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