Lord hear my voice, this time I felt helpless. I feel a bit bored waiting for an answer from you for all my struggles. what should I do Lord?
I know I have no right to blame you.
God forgive me if there is something that is not pleasing front of you.
Maybe you’re trying to train my patience, maybe you’re trying to teach, or perhaps blessings upon me is still blocked by something or another, you just know God.
This situation is very hard for me, it feels like there is no way out for me.
But I know the only answer you Jesus. give me patience, perseverance, obedience, ability, loyalty, strength more Lord, so that I can survive even out as the winner of all these problems and my struggles.
I desperately need You, Lord Jesus,
God help me ….. God help me …..
Hear and see the Lord, my heart is screaming, crying because they helplessness, I beg you, Lift up your eyes and look at me I am the Lord, and Stretch out your hand to me, and behold! I really … really … need your help today. Lord Jesus please help me …… please …


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