The desert life

Facing the wilderness in our lives, sometimes often makes us feel like giving up even backwards. wilderness talking about the problems in life. God allows us to be spent in the wilderness of this life:
1) To examine our hearts, if we cling to the Word of God or not.
2) To make us understand that we must rely on God alone.
3) To teach us, so that we understand God’s purpose in our lives.
The desert is not a place of torture when we sin.
The desert is a process that we become better in the eyes of God.
God teaches us always obedient and faithful, so that we can have abundance God has provided for us.


2 thoughts on “The desert life

    • Thank you for comments, and this is the spirit made ​​me so much more to write positive things. I hope you continue reading my writings, and did not hesitate to continue to give your comment. God bless you.

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