Thanks behind prayer

Prayer as breathing, anytime and anywhere we can pray.
Prayer can be done with a continuous and never stops.
Stop breathing means stop praying
Being right is key to the success of prayer
Who is a righteous man …!
That is, people who have been justified God, that those who have repented and experience the new birth.
The prayer of the righteous Attorneys
Many blessings we can receive from prayer, such as:
1) Prayer gave victory to His anointed
2) Prayer is a weapon to destroy every enemy
3) Prayer at the closed door to open
4) Prayer gives a sense of peace in a situation that does not peaceful
5) Prayer gives sensitivity to hear the voice of God
6) Prayer changes the impossible becomes possible
– Are you among those who like to pray or not?
– Is your prayers God answers?
– Did you know that the devil does not like us to pray?
“Be true” it is key that your prayers and answered God’s power. Begin to set your heart and time to pray. Pray with confidence and sincerity of faith in God.


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