Every time God did a great job in every generation, a person to whom He raised given wisdom, faith and the Holy Spirit.
Exodus is really centered on one vessel of choice, “Moses the great liberator”
He led his generation out of Egypt into the bond of their heritage, the land that God promised to Abraham and his descendants.
Moses’ life is divided into three parts
1) The first forty years in Egypt
~ When he thinks that he is a person;
2) the next forty years spent in the wilderness
~ When he realized that he was not a nobody;
3) Forty years as a liberator
~ When he learns that God can turn “Someone who is not anyone to be someone extraordinary.
To be someone who is used by God, we must be willing to go through the process HIM.
When we learn to humble ourselves, let our pride destroyed by God and let God mold us into “Moses” for genereasi us.

“Many are called, but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:14).
It is a thing to be called God, but unlike the case with elected by God.
(Revelation 17:14) said: “Those who, together with (Lamb) who are called, chosen and faithful”
Moses not only called and chosen by God, but he was found faithful in everything he did for God in HIS house (Hebrews 3:2)
Similar to us, there will be three division in our lives.
We must understand and have the ‘call of God’.
Then there will be a period of ‘preparation’.
If we get through the ‘preparation’ is, there will be times when God ‘chose’ and put us in a ministry.
So that services can be developed and fruitful, we have found to be ‘faithful’ to serve God in His church.


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