Thy will be done Lord

someone who is quite known among the above, asked me to get involved in prison ministry. He was a God-fearing, and he also is a bridge to access services in prisons. I could not agree more, not just because I have a talent in the field of mission service, but even more than that because I also like the new things, meet new people and visit the place where the new, for some reason, I’m always sad heart and deeply felt compassion when meeting and see the state of the poor, the outcasts, vagabonds, beggars, abandoned children, orphans, elderly widows and many more. but I knew it was God who gave me a heart full of compassion for my neighbor. but in spite of it all, and it is God who determines who chose me from the start, where to go and where I should serve. possible if God willing I will start next year ministry in prisons. I miss being a tool of God to reach out to souls imprisoned physically and mentally. Please support all prayers, especially for the readers of my blog this. not our brothers in the Lord? because it is our mutual strut fitting prayer for our brothers and sisters, God bless them all.


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