Outreach souls

Very very great joy and Something very pleasant when I can come down directly spaciousness to reach the poor and reach the lost souls. in prayer this time round, we deliberately so as not to invite a crowd of people so that no fuss, we also avoid the possibility of physical injury later. although sometimes we drew a lot of people, but we were soon to disappear from the crowd. we walked the roads are very congested, paths, alleys, hallways, and even fringe times and rivers, as well as the township is very dense. we met many people from different characters. when we distribute food to them, we see the joy on their faces was great, we were thrilled to see all of it. and we know it is because the Lord worked around our prayer ministry. and we always pray that every person had a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus and be victorious and fully in God’s abundance. mobile prayer time we did this quote from the ministry of Jesus when He was on earth. In his ministry Jesus did not proselytize, but to bring people to Him believe that every person experiencing victory and abundance, and for everyone to be residents of Heaven is eternal and everlasting. Only God can restore everything. Thank God because You have taken us, and because you also work together in the ministry of prayer around the time we were doing this and Thy will be done, amen.


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