Failed, not the end!

I have a hobby of singing, I love music. since childhood I was very confident when asked to sing in front of the class by the teacher. and my dream since childhood really wanted to be a singer. but unfortunately that’s not my goal to be realized till now. even so I was very grateful, and I do not have to be disappointed for it. I still can not sing to the Lord, though not well known in this world, but God knows me and I’m very proud of it. sometimes what we dream is not according to what God wants, but that does not mean God does not want us to succeed in all things, He really wants to bless us in every way. but God really knows our capacity. whether we are ready and able to receive the blessings of God more? may God see me not able to receive a greater blessing, because God does not want a huge blessing, it will be making my life unmanageable and eventually fell into sin. therefore the Lord continue to prepare me to be a strong man, so that one day God blessed greater I was ready and able to manage it properly. Thank God and Thy will be done to me. I know you do not just want to bless me, but you also really want to bless everyone. I am also very grateful that you have chosen me to prepare me for a moment I was ready and able to be a channel of blessings are great for everyone.


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