“It is well with my soul” (by Horatio G. Spafford)

Horatio G. Spafford was a very wealthy in Chicago, he has a lot of assets in the form of high-rise buildings. He is the love of God and a lot of respected people. and he also is a sponsor of DL Moody, who is a servant of God in the life of the Lord of the european time. But God has other plans in Horatio, where he had an extraordinary process. In 1871 son only died because of high heat and experience step. Not finished with it, Chicago suddenly very intense fires that burned assetnya assets. and not only there, to calm himself with his family they planned to go to Europe to attend revival meetings DL Moody. but the day before Horatio suddenly could not go sailing together with his family because they have to sign a document with his partner. so that only his wife and four children are left first. but what happens, ships carrying Horatio’s family then collided with another ship, so the ship’s 226 passengers were killed, including Horatio did not know anything about the accident that happened to her family, before she sends him a telegram that said “Safe alone” and Horatio incredible surprise when reading a telegram from his wife. Horatio finally went sailing after his wife. And the ship captain to stop the ship in place of the accident. Therein Horatio gain inspiration for creating the song “It is well with my soul” four daughters Horatio, but lucky she survived.Horatio extraordinary person, as in when he should have cried out to the Lord because of a shock and a tremendous tragedy, but it is Horatio said, “No matter what happens in life, both hard and happy both life and death, draw near to us, but our hearts must remain calm because we believe in the Lord Jesus will be with us “amen. And it turns out what God is doing in the life of Horatio in responi good view by Horatio. and after all that, Horatio moved to Jerusalem. there he made an organization called “The American Colony” which still exists to this day, to help the poor and needy. obedience and perseverance Horatio obtain prize and God gave him another child. God always nourish and bless the lives of Horatio because Horatio fear of God. and never blame God for all the calamities that happened in his life and his family. in fact all it is a process for him to keep trust and love God more. and a song written by Horatio then we can still hear to this day. though many in the arrangement repeated by other musicians. and I believe a lot of people who hear the song even join Horatio’s, will always be blessed and have a heart that always give thanks in all circumstances, amen.


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