Our prayers of repentance

I plead with you to all our readers to pray with me now by saying this prayer:
Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us, forgive our people, forgive our refusal on You, Lord Jesus. and forgive our ignorance and our ignorance of all that thou hast said. Jesus touched our hearts, so that we may experience a personal encounter with You. we open our hearts to receive you as our personal Lord and Savior, come and stay in our hearts. and teach us about the gospel truth of Your Word. this is my body, soul and spirit, we leave it into your hand. is sovereign over us, and lead our lives the Holy Spirit, because we are yours. we really need you, and we also yearn and thirst for you. heal us and restore our lives. bless our family, and bless our nation and bless all the people, and be your will upon us, Amen.


3 thoughts on “Our prayers of repentance

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