Max Jukes lived in New York, he did not believe in Jesus Christ and not allow their children to go to church, even though their children want. Max Jukes had 1026 offspring, 300 of whom were imprisoned at an average age of 13 years, 190 to 180 prostitutes and alcoholics. Jukes family so far, has been detrimental to the U.S. government for more than half a million dollars to rehab, they do not contribute anything to society.

Jonathan Edwards also lived in New York, at the same time as Jukes, He loves God and diligently to deliver the children of worship to church every week. Jonathan Edwards has 929 descendants. 430 of whom became ministers, 86 became university professors, 13 became rector of the university, 75 being the best-selling author, 5 elected to the U.S. Congress, two elected to the Senate, and the first vice president.
Edwards family never burden countries cost a penny, but it gives a great contribution to society.

The life of both of the above is an example for us all. What legacy will we give to our future descendants?
It depends on how we live our lives today.
Our decision today will determine our future someday.
And what kind of life will we pass on to our future descendants? Life is a choice!





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