Love and loyalty

There is a very touching romantic story. had been an earthquake disuatu city. and a married couple trapped in the rubble that hit them where they both worked. she passed away on the grounds that falling rubble. lucky her husband survived and suffered only minor injuries. the state body that hurt her husband calling his wife as she screamed for help. but there was no answer, the strength of his she began looking for her among the ruins of the building. and finally he found his wife in a state is no longer alive. she cried and screamed for help, but no one came to help. He eventually worked his bringing her body out of that place. after getting out of the ruins of the building, he saw only a few people who were around him were safe. the time has not yet come to localized reinforcements. so the rest of the survivors trying to escape their own. with existing energy left, he carried her to his house. distance of his home where he worked pretty much, and he just walk took her to his house. and buried beside his house. He was obedient because they follow the customs of his ancestors, every night he buried his wife waiting for seven days.until one day after a while, a reporter for a private tv find and interview him directly. and he tells the whole story in one of the private TV station. and seen by millions of people through the story the private tv. and many spectators were deeply moved by the story, so many people who visit who would like to meet face to face. and he was flooded with calls from women who are touched by his story. many women who wanted him to be their husband, seeing the love and loyalty to his late wife. women thought would be very happy if married to a man of love and devotion like him. he’s late wife loved it. and love that has not changed even though his wife was dead by his side. with the passage of time, until one day a woman called her. they also met and kept in touch over the phone. introduction and continued once they were separated by a considerable distance. they stay different provinces. until such time as they wanted to meet each other. and after the meeting, they decided to date. before he decided to date a woman, she went to the tomb of his late wife and said “please do not be angry, let me love women I had known it was like I love you” after he had left his late wife’s grave. after a while they have a relationship and they feel for each other, they finally decided to get married. and then they were happy because marriage is based on true love and true devotion.and he found more happiness in his second marriage. because God has equipped her happiness by giving the children a sweet to him. God’s faithfulness to take into account each individual spouse. and our loyalty to various things. God provides blessings and happiness of suffering behind every person.


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