Why be transgender?

What do you think about the people who do the transgendered? whether you agree or not! maybe for some people it is legitimate. but for me it was against the rules of God. Did you know, every human being is created by God in such a beautiful way? designed and created by hand with a loving creator? if you do not accept transgender means you remodel or even ruin the greatest works of God. if we think with the mind of a loving God, we are certainly not going to do it very disgusting. because we must be understanding of the Holy Spirit, if in fact it violates God’s command. and we also must dibertahu by the Holy Spirit, if all of that was a trick the devil that we become like Satan rebel against God. Whose man before God? humans are not a nobody, even the useless clay. but because of the love of God to man is so great that God breathed his own life to clay formation in such a way that. by the hand of God was formed, and by the breath of the living God and his Word are made​​, the human form and life. Therefore man is not entitled to remodel or destroy the work of God. for if God did not establish the man was not created. respect yourself, and accept yourself as you are created. because God would appreciate the greatest works of His creation. so we are very precious in God’s sight.


8 thoughts on “Why be transgender?

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