Sari 3

Having returned to the man’s Sari much thought. how he could get away from him. The sari was naive and innocent girl, now have to fight hard to be brave and watchful. after meeting again with him, Sari is still fear in his heart said, he will probably also beaten for trying to escape from him. but it was not as expected, quite the opposite really want to be with him. Sari is still suspicious, lest it is only a ruse he was just so Sari not escape again. The man said in Sari Do not go anymore. because if you go again I will kill you. Sari was very surprised to hear those words. Sari tries asked, what do you expect from me? you have not snatched my virginity? the man answered, you’re mine, so do not ever cause trouble again! and you must follow all orders. man threatens Sari in a high tone. Sari was terrified, but in his heart Sari said I would get out of this place alive. after that Sari was kept in a room.In the room were thinking hard Sari, what to do? After that night Sari finally exhausted and fell asleep. but not unexpected when Sari sleeping man entered the room and began to touch Sari again. with surprise Sari can not avoid it any longer. Sari and finally resigned to it, because he thought there was nothing he could defend. and that the next after the next days passed. Sari always overpower him whenever he wanted. and usually after Sari overpower him straight away with leaving Sari locked in the room. and every time he came he always brought food to Sari. until one day where Sari felt her body very weak and there is no passion for life again. it seems he wanted to die. the man asked in Sari, what happened to you? Sari replied potluck. maybe I’m sick. he was a little panicked because he thought the possibility of Sari was pregnant. He immediately called a doctor to come check Sari. and after Sari, the doctor suggested that Sari was hospitalized only. he was confused, what should he do. but looking at the state of her Sari was also a bit sorry for him. and in his heart he was also scared if anything happens to Sari.After so long thinking, he finally decided to take Sari to the hospital. After inspection the doctor, apparently torn Sari genitalia should be sewn. Sari also severely depressed, in addition to the body of Sari weak in because of lack of food and sleep deprivation. tekakan Sari blood decreases. and when locked in the room turned Sari also often unconscious, but no one knows, because Sari never mentioned anything to him. doctor was suspicious of Sari, and asked him what happened to you? Why pubic you can tear that requires a lot of stitches. if you were raped? Sari afraid to answer he just did not say anything, because compassion on Sari doctor asked again, you do not need to fear, if indeed you are raped, you can go to the police, the country’s rule of law, you will certainly right to be defended. because it could not take anymore and Sari also has started well again Sari finally got the courage to talk too. and told the doctor that she was indeed raped, and Sari asked the doctor in order to report it to the police.Doctors were immediately called the police and asked the police to come to the hospital to hear direct testimony from Sari. after hearing testimony Sari police immediately drove to his house. but it is in the pity he had left the house since Sari sent to the hospital. Sari also on the testimony of the police went to the home of former employer. but it turns out the woman had already left the house for a long time. Police investigating the case and develop investigation, it turns out mansion that housed two people just rented house that is not theirs. two men directly in the list of the most wanted by the police. because it turns out they are the ones trafficking syndicates abroad. now the two men became fugitives. and still can not be found. Sari heart was alarmed because the two men had not been discovered by the police. after police were healthy Sari Sari immediately repatriated to his country. the message never seduced again by new people. Sari very grateful to the police and the doctors who have cared for him. Sari also thought the language teacher. and tried to call the teacher by the country’s language. the teacher was surprised to hear the voice and asked why the new Sari Sari tells reportedly now. Sari just smiled and thanked the teachers who had taught him many things. Sari did not tell her what had happened to him. Sari said goodbye to his former teacher’s.On arrival in the country itself, Sari still remember the commitment. that “his life had changed” she immediately tried to find a job again. Sari somewhere to meet someone her own age. it turns out the man from the country he had ever visited. Sari was trying to communicate with the person using the language of man. of course people were very happy to hear, and then the man asked in Sari, have you been to school in my country? Sari answer is never. the man asked again in Sari, then how can you speak my state? Sari replied there are teachers who taught me and I’ve lived in the country for some time. Sari man offered him a job to become an assistant language teacher in a language course. Sari said, I am not a teacher and I am not high school. and stapi man said, I do not need a title and your intelligence, I need from you embroidery and a strong will. Armed with the ability to speak your country that’s enough for me. because we are going to teach children who can not afford and the poor. heard it all Sari heart touched, she was eager to also help people who are experiencing poverty with him. who can not attend school or learn because of poverty. see the signs that he seemed very sincere. Sari was reminded of the commitment, that his life had changed. no thought longer, Sari accept invitations to that person.The condition gradually recovered sari made ​​her start to think jenih. Sari over time can finally forget about the terrible things he had experienced. the experience was also very careful Sari again in a lot of things in her life. Sari and short stories have enjoyed life helping an assistant teacher in a language course. Day after day passed Sari experience grew, Sari is now no longer the innocent girl and stupid, but Sari had become a mature, thoughtful and smart. with the results of his work Sari began to resume their education, and as time passes Sari can complete college and graduated as a scholar. Sari become a language teacher that many people need. and Sari get a lot of money from teaching. Sari keep its commitment, throughout the course of his life both difficult and happy Sari stick to its commitment that “his life had changed” Sari now have everything and all-sufficient life. it all started with a strong commitment. even when committed Sari not understand anything and do not know what the meaning of a commitment. but God knows the hearts of Sari. a devout and faithful high and willing to change. God bless and preserve and Sari. though it was very exacerbate Sari journey and may also have to pay the price or maybe a lot Sari feels his life is not fair, but Sari remained on its commitment. and not only that, God also provides bonuses for Sari. by giving him a life partner and commensurate with other believers. and spouses receive Sari Sari is without humiliate or insult. because the Lord gives her partner. what pleases him, and bless his marriage. of God’s perfect Sari. God sees and loves the people are sincere, even if the person does not know the Lord. but because sincerity, makes God always wants to protect, preserve, maintain, and blessed, especially if the people who already live in the love and truth of God. Is not God so good? Endless love, from everlasting to everlasting and for ever. (completed)


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