A Random Sunday Morning Post

Hi Christian, you’re so handsome. God works really very beautiful and perfect. Cheer up you are always successful and continue to work, God bless you.

Cristian Mihai

First, here’s a picture of me:

Yeah, that’s me now. More or less. I think this photo is 4-5 years old. But anyway, it’s more recent than the one before. And I was wearing cooler glasses.

In other news, I’m working on a new blog series for the next week. It’s about blogging and some of the tools I use, like Zemanta, Wordads, etc. I think it’s gonna be fun.

Now, for a question. If I were to compile my most popular essays on writing and art into an e-book, edit them, format them, add a nice cover, would anyone be interested in reading it? (the e-book that is.)

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