There is someone who has known and recently joined a friend on facebook, immediately declared his love to me, and wanted to live with me, while there was no identity of its own Facebook page and events even pictures were not clear. but he always says he loves me and wants to live with me. This guy told me he knew me because his friend was introduced by facebook. she told me that she wanted so much criteria. previously there are people who like him are always asked and always wanted to know about me in detail that have the same facebook with no identity, activity and photo are clear. but when I ask, what is your job? He immediately remove himself his name from the list of friends in my facebook. Who do you think guys? whether he is the same man before? how can I trust it? What do you do if you see the same thing with me? I’ve told him, God will give faith and life partners commensurate with it. but he always insisted! I look at Facebook, only addresses the country, originating from America. while I was in Indonesia. I do not know and never met to him or her, if she was a man that gentleman, he would open with a clear identity.


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