dream again

Twenty years after the dream, recently I had another dream. This time I was dreaming about very powerful earthquake. I see myself standing in a place unknown to me. suddenly within seconds I felt the place where I stood swaying. I knew it was an earthquake, because I never felt the earthquake the real world. from the distance I saw a high-rise tower suddenly fell slowly like a tree, in a matter of seconds the sudden end of the tower was almost upon me, standing looking at that tower. Spontaneous I ran into a building that was in front of me to avoid the collapse of that tower. and I also see the distant sky blushing around me, seoleh-by beneath the earth on fire. and I also see the mountains erupting belch fire and stones were very hot. I felt a shock that more and more tight and shake it being very loud and powerful. I see everything around me started to collapse. This time I spontaneously shouted again for help to God. I am calling God. Lord Jesus help me ….. Lord Jesus help me ….. while trying to save themselves by taking a bridge. but slowly the bridge collapsed, too. and I tried to save themselves by holding on to the bridge railing. but strangely I still survived without the slightest injury, even though the bridge had collapsed. I tried to crawl back up from the ruins of the bridge, after the earthquake stopped altogether.

As I crawled trying to achieve a little high, I also saw some people who had been on, while I and many people are also trying to rise to the top. although it feels when riding hard and difficult, but finally I arrived at the top. on arrival I saw around me shattered, like the ruins of a building, concrete-concrete look much bigger and there is also a large ship that ran aground, but still intact. just look masts aboard devastated. after I awoke from my sleep, I asked the Lord in my heart, what is the meaning of all dreams is God? but no answers. but when I read the novel I realized God’s Word, “God had told him in advance” in one of His Word, He said cadet-midshipmen will get your dreams, and do not be surprised, because the end is not yet. although I did not understand the meaning of my dream, but I’m very grateful, because Jesus has saved me. Thank you God.


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