An Elusive Dream

Twenty years ago, while sleeping I had a dream,
In my dream I saw myself alone in the wilderness was an extremely arid. I saw in the sandy desert, there are few plants or weeds. when I looked around, I suddenly startled by the sound of explosions popping up everywhere around me, blasts of fire issued a very powerful and hot. I also saw the sky in front of me in the hemisphere there are very red as if the earth is burning underneath. I could not escape the fear and where-where. I could only scream for help, but no one that I saw coming to help me. but for some reason, I felt my heart yell very loudly ask for God’s help. but my voice was hard to get out, even though my voice finally get out as well. At that point I could only scream “Help me, Lord …. Help me Lord … Help me God.” after all, I woke up, and became aware that I was a dream. but until now I always remember my dream. I feel the last few years, maybe God was telling me about what will happen, but I have not been able to fully understand God’s will due to the limitations of my mind.


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