In his teens at my school there was a male friend who had recently moved from another school outside the city, in a short time because of his good looks, he was always the center of attention of the young girl, her name is Boy. he was so handsome that the girls at my school and even from other schools had an awful lot like him, I am no exception. besides handsome he is also always the champion class. other than that he is also good at singing and playing the guitar. Boy child who does not talk much but good-natured, he was smiling to anyone. it is no wonder many of the girls who dream to become her lover. and I can only love in my heart. but unfortunately at that Boy do not want to pick anyone to be his lover. Boy just want to be friends with everyone. One day as usual I came home from school on foot, or I thought Boy also walk behind me. I became self-conscious, so far I can only see it from a distance. and I’m not a count of all the girls who admire Boy. I like “girls who want to reap the star” it is highly unlikely to me at the time. I sheepishly Keep your path so that I could run concurrently with the Boy. when I look backward with a smile on Boy, he smiled back at me, the more my heart beating hard, somehow. after a moment asked me, “Where are you home?” I was a little surprised,


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