After I answered the question Boy, I got home, boy asked again, this is your house? I replied yes. walking away from me he told me he lived not far from my house. Boy and it was my neighbor. my heart is very happy, because it probably every day I get home from school together with Boy. but unfortunately my happiness is only momentary, it’s all my fault too, so Boy no longer want to come home from school with me. even she hates me. He also reduced me in front of many people. my heart is aching, I thought the person I admire had been hurt me. I could only cry sorry for ourselves. I’m ashamed of myself. and after that I felt all of my school friends I looked low. they said I did not level with them especially for Boy. and from then on I was always shy bowed, not daring to look at anyone, even my confidence is not there anymore it seems. every day I have to hide myself from view Boy, due to her embarrassment. over time we finally graduate school. and from then until now I have never again heard about Boy. I also heard that until now I still keep a sense of longing in him. I wish him a happy and fine, if one day God allows me to see you again, I just want to say “I’m sorry I have loved you dnamun” greetings to you my sweet boy.


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