prayer and thanksgiving

Thank God for you allowing a variety of problems or difficulties occur in the course of my life. now I understand, your goal is only to make me mature and grow stronger in faith. and verily You never let me let alone left me. I am very grateful to you God, and I am very proud to have a God like You Jesus, because you really love me. and forgive me if before I could grasp and understand about you I often hurt you. it can not be counted again how much I sinned to you. now I want to continue to learn love more than anything else, and that has not been able to help me love You as You will. Lord, how I can move on to the next, it’s all I submit into your hand. and what should I do, I abandon into your power. now my life is yours, do what you want to do and Thy will be done on my life. and use me Lord for the glory of your name. this is my body soul and spirit, I leave it to the hands of your power, amen.


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