Juan, the son of a sugar cane plantation foreman, grew up in Puerto Rico.
He lives with his family of eight people in a three-bedroom shack with a dirt floor and no toilet.
His first job starts from the age of six years, was herding oxen to plow the fields of sugarcane, eight times a day, with a wage of $ 1 without a break.
Juan look back on those days as a tedious but important period in his life.
In the field tebulah he learned to be on time, work hard, and be loyal and respectful to the employer.
Employment and income are small is a source of great pride.
At age seven, he obtained a job at a golf course, found the ball to the golfer.
Juan began to dream of playing golf and earn enough money to buy a bicycle.
The more he dreamed, the more he thought, “Why not”?
He made a golf club from the guava tree and a pipe, and then with a hammer to form a tin can, empty it into a ball.
Then he dug two small holes in the ground and hit the ball back and forth between the two.
He practiced “Golf” with a stick, not a cow with a stick.
He did well – very well.
In a period of 31 years as a professional golfer.
Juan “Chi Chi” Rodriguez won 24 tournaments and earned $ 4 million.
No matter how or where you begin your life,
you can use your circumstances to your benefit.
Sometimes its hard to make you more determined to succeed, if you keep the right attitude.


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