have spirit!

For brothers and sisters who have physical limitations, it is not the end. that’s the beginning of God’s glory will be revealed in your life. do not ever curse yourself and never cursed God. and do not feel inferior and do not regret being yourself. because God has a great plan behind your life. maybe this time you do not understand and have not seen what God will do for your life. but that surely God loves you. and learn to be at peace with yourself and at peace with God. and Commit yourself to the Lord. and be thankful for what God has given to you, because that’s what God’s best. You are very precious in God’s eyes. learn to be independent and not to rely on others, you are not suffering compared to the suffering of Jesus when He was on earth. you can do lots of things, so you are able to see the world in every way than normal people, because then declare the glory of God in your life. maybe you do not realize a lot of people around the world to repent because you see where. so heaven cheering. win as many souls as you. spirit continues to live your life, God never closes his eyes for you, He always preserve, protect, keep and bless you.


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