My love story

The first time I fell in love, it’s mixed. but there is a sense of happiness. each time the heart always remember him pounding. and always wanted to meet. hearts always miss him. and I had in mind when it was just him. and a lot of romantic things that came into my mind at that time. but unfortunately, not all things beautiful and romantic as it can all be done with him. but there are times when all that is beautiful in fact turn out to be the things that exacerbate. apparently not only feel the joy of love and beauty alone, but love can also lead to bitterness to the taste. even need to sacrifice in order to maintain love with him. but one was already plenty of ways to sustain love with him, not even to run smoothly. until such time as the Holy Spirit gave me understanding, not all people want love according to God’s will. if God wills any difficult to achieve that love, or anything else as far as the distance between us and he’ll come together as well.


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