My Life

I miss the childhood. which can only play and play. without load and without thinking much. it was a very pleasant life. but now when I’m an adult, I no longer can just play around in life. but stout things to think about and a lot of things to do. as if life is very complicated. sometimes there are times when I laugh or cry or sad or excited or running or linger in this life. but it still had me go through. although there are many things that I can not understand in this life, but I was still having to walk. sometimes I think how could I be able to live up to now. Who am I? what I’ve done during our lives? are there things that are good and useful that I’ve done in this life? how much I’ve been doing things right in this life? or how much I’ve made ​​mistakes in life? are there people who are happy or unhappy with the presence of those around them? or conversely how many people who are offended by my presence around them? I do not know! but one thing I know “JESUS ​​VERY loves” that’s why I’m alive and able to live my life to date. Thank you Lord Jesus for your love for infinite life.


Your comments, please ...

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