Complex Lie

Did you get used to lie that is life so complicated? may initially be a small lie that is considered trivial. but eventually the habit of lying is going to be great and do not feel has become a habit that must be done. why so? because of the nature of this lie has chain that is not easy to decide. lie was much to do. early example of lying:
When you tell someone on the phone if you’re not in place. while you’re there. you do it because you’re afraid you caught another lie. probably because you have not completed what is your responsibility. or you’re hiding or doing something wrong so that you fear. consider how much you have to lie within a few minutes and in one story. not have much to do? This is the chain of lies that is hard to decide. originally thought to be trivial but apparently you do not realize the deception relating to others until a strong root in themselves Maybe this is a bit complicated to understand, but know this one trick the devil man tactics to keep sinning. (sin breach God’s command)


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